Sunday, December 20, 2009

Photography is clearly not my strong point.

So I finally got back on our iMac today - we've had bad internet issues. Apparently I unplugged the wrong thing?

Anyway, I just looked back at my seemingly ingenious iPhone updates. Here, I thought I was soooo smart, taking pictures with the iPhone, resizing on the computer, reloading the the iPhone, uploading on Photobucket app, then placing on Blogger. But now when I look at them full size, they're TERRIBLE!

Ugh. How am I supposed to garner any sort of following with bad pictures and lazy tutorials?

Anyway. I took some pictures of the 98% finished nursery, even some artsy, OhDeeDoh worthy shots. So I should get a nice tour up here soon. The weather has been grey, and my CyberShot is no SLR, but it's definitely better than that iPhone.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ruffles gone wrong.

Well, I attempted this ruffle necklace from Happy Together. Super easy, super cute (at least on her tan collarbones), and I actually perfected it.

The only problem? I did it in the closest fabric to me, which happened to be the hot pink from the crib skirt. And oh right, I've gained almost 50lbs with this pregnancy, and I haven't been tan in months. So, instead of the hipster, dreamy necklace I was aiming for, it's more Fat Kid on a Luau. Not cute.

It's still something I'd like to perfect, as a baby friendly accessory. I have big plans to lose weight and get back to cute me after this baby finally makes her way out (as seen here at SkinnyChels). Maybe I'll post pictures once I wash my hair or something, and kind a grass skirt to coordinate with my lei-ish disaster from tonight.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm no Grinch.

I decided on no Christmas tree this year. With the baby coming, our tiny living room, and relative staying with us in that tiny living room after that baby is born, it just seemed like far too much of an undertaking. I do all the day-to-day maintenance cleaning in the house, and my tired 39wk pregnancy body was not looking forward to sweeping pine needles every day.

Well, I fear I broke my boyfriend's heart. He's a big kid, really. His normal tough-guy bravado melts at the sight of Disney Christmas specials, the taste of peppermint ice cream, or the smell of pine. So when I laid down the Christmas tree law, any enthusiasm for the season seemed to fizzle out of him.

Personally, I left work two days early for mat leave, and am now 4 days into my indefinitely long 'weekend.' Last week we had what we thought were progressive contractions, and expected a baby by the weekend. (Doc's exact words, 'we'll make an appointment for next week, but I don't think we'll make it.') Well, no baby, and I'm starting to slowly lose my mind. The rainy weather probably has something to do with it.

Either way, this little house needed some cheer. And, just because we don't have a tree, who's to say we can't be merry? So, I took a cue from store front windows, and made a nice little Christmas display out of ornaments we bought 3 yrs ago.

I'm planning on recreating the same thing in our street-side bedroom window, then hanging some lights outside (once it dries a bit, and my chances of electrocution or falling lessen.) Also planning a holiday card display like CensationalGirl in our stairwell. But for now, those can wait. I know Santa Trev will be so excited when he drives up late tonight to a festive, glowing home. Even if there isn't a newborn in it yet. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rocker Re-Do: Part Two

After two makeovers, and a whole lot of Gorilla Glue and staples, I think we finally have a keeper. Let's take a trip through this rocker's short, but colorful history.

The original:
Dusty, ricketty mess. Free, but Trevor deems it 'fugly' and refuses to even help me carry it into the house.

The sequel:
Sanded down, white paint, and blue fabric. We didn't know the sex of the baby yet, and I tried to convince Trev the flowers made it neutral. However, once we found out it was a girl, and started the baby's room, it failed to fit in. Luckily, I was able to salvage the fabric.

The finale (until baby #2):
Thanks to an afternoon with my amazingly talented friend Kelly, I recovered the chair in the same (free) fabric we did the changing pad in. While this fabric was obnoxiously bright, and I figured Trevor would hate it, he actually was the one who requested it!

I couldn't help but include the photo with my ham of a dog, Allie. She seems to keep slipping into these nursery photos. I think she might think it's HER room. Official nursery tour coming very soon, I'm just waiting for the final piece to come from my new favorite Etsy seller. Any clue on how I can get it on OhDeeDoh?

Monday, December 7, 2009

DIY: felt birdy mobile

No baby yet, but I've been plenty busy getting ready for her. We haven't had any extra cash (do we ever?) so I've been super creative with what I have around the house. Personally I think it makes everything better. I'm careful with the supplies I do have, with precise cutting and a 'slow and steady wins the race' mentality.

First up, that mobile I've been talking about for weeks. Some bright felt, and a couple mock-ups later, I came up with something sweet and simple that I couldn't be happier with. Trevor absolutely loves it as well :) As an extra bonus, I now have a pattern to make some cheap and meaningful Christmas ornaments for family/friends. Giving is something I love most about the season, and now I don't have to worry about showing up Christmas morning empty-handed.

Wait, what's that? Is that a different fabric on the rocking chair? I think it is.... That'll wait for the next post, because my iPhone doesn't take great pictures at night.

*edit* Ugh, sorry about that. This is my first blogger update via iPhone, and first time using my photobucket app. I know those images are size massive. I'll fix @ work tomorrow. -C