Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fingers Crossed

So, after 4 months, offers on SIX properties, and at the end of our First Time Homeowner timeline, an offer has FINALLY been accepted. We're tentatively excited, it's a short-sale that must be approved by the seller's bank. But lordy, I love that little house.

We'll see.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration via Nate Berkus

Okay, so here's the deal with me and the Nate Berkus show: I love it. Adore it! But it's "daytime TV". Right? I don't have time in my busy working-mom/first-tim-homebuyer schedule to sit down and watch it. Also, I'm a little ashamed when T is home…he usually wants to catch up on our more "acceptable" shows, like Top Chef or Boardwalk Empire or RHOC. Yeah….

Anyway, today I watched an ENTIRE EPISODE. And it was truly meant to be, because I love love love the kitchen he did for that little family.

First off, Trev and I have come to some consensus that we LOVE this white shaker style cabinet. Classic, will stand the test of time. The marble counter-tops are probably too expensive for our (future) budget, but that amour there is ALL the counter space in the kitchen. So, I guess with a smaller kitchen you can splurge a little. The backsplash is awesome, and could easily be combined with Corian or something cheaper than granite for the same effect. The warm color on the wall keeps it from being washed out, and is the perfect cozy mocha. Porque no gas stove?

Ugh, isn't that banquet amazing?? I have a family friend/design client who has a banquet in their kitchen, and I could sit there and talk logos all day with him. Nate hasd a great idea of using outdoor fabric for durability - there's so many sweet options out there, and this brown stripe is perfect. Great use of storage space with the pantry cabinet - could easily be an armoire or something else for some more character - but I think it works great in this space. The wood table top is to die for, and works with that brown on the wall to keep everything warm, and not too prissy white.

Nate had some more great ideas (gee, they should give that guy a daytime show!) for using 15" cabinets as the base of the banquet - I've always seen DIY shows make a box w/ hinged lid - the drawer/cabinet idea is genius. Watch the full segment here.

File this away under the "If We Ever Buy An F-ing House" file.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MyColor inspired by Pantone

I've broken my self-inflicted blogging hiatus (the usual excuses…daylight work, moonlighting work, working out, family, home shopping) to come back and gush about the newest, most amazing, perfect-timing product out there.

MyColor inspired by Pantone paint! At Lowe's of all places!

For those not in the know, Pantone is a company that, simply put, organized, categorizes, and standardizes color. Many for printers and designers, but it's quickly starting to dabble in home, and this print-rep-by-day/4th-generation-graphic-designer-by-night couldn't be more excited. ESPECIALLY since they were just announced as our home search is ramping back up thanks to the help of a new mortgage lender.

My favorites

The best thing is that these paints are "grab n' go". No mixing, no worrying about getting the wrong color, they're SELF PRIMING - I mean, seriously? 48 colors, ranging from bright Tomato to moody Cloudburst, in 35oz jars that just beg you to open them and slap some paint on the wall.

Now I just need to find a house to buy, and I'm good to go.