Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hi crafty blogging world! It's been a little bit, hasn't it? Well, to recap on the past few months : I've been working more. I joined a bootcamp! I have not recovered the couch, or completely transformed the backyard.

Not a whole lot of crafting going on right now. No time, energy or cash, really. (The latter of course is just an excuse, as I have a ton of fabric and notions downstairs, I'm just too swamped to even attempt much.)

However, I did whip up a little something for a team run I did with my mom this weekend. It was a "family fun run", so I brought the baby in the stroller. The three team members were all wearing Pilates Napa Valley logo gear, and I figured Delaney needed something too!

This was the initial version, whipped up in about ten minutes while waiting for participants in a chat for my online management class to make a group decision. Isn't the whole POINT of online classes to do everything on your own? Anyway, I digress. I used a Garanimals white onesie (size 12 mo!!!), $1 black felt and no-sew fabric adhesive. Printed out the logo, reversed it, and traced onto the adhesive paper.

Pretty good, huh? I thought I could get away without anything representing the ropes, but my mother/art director/brand manager insisted that it looked unfinished. She was right, I was just getting lazy.

So, I took some all-purpose black thread and tied two "rope" strings from the feet to the brackets on the end.

Et voila! Happy little baby in her fancy Pilates Napa Valley onesie. All the pilates grandmas are going to want one :)