Monday, March 30, 2009

Bombs away!

Just sitting here watching the Sharks game with Boyfriend, and I saw this as a banner ad on Better Living Through Design when following up about their "paper" "paper" . It's pretty effing cool, enough to distract HeMan for a minute here.

Peaceful Bomb Vase

Only $52! This warranted an "Only?!" from Lover, but I mean, it's coming from Japan! And it's huge! Ugh. I want one to go on top of our entertainment unit. Right now.

Other cool shit I found on the Japan site:

Love Grenade
Pretty awesome, except I don't know that I'd ever throw it as IS $32.

C'mere Coat Hook

Okay, I know, I'm kinda obsessed with the white statement figurines. But Boyfriend picked this one out! And it's on sale! Gotta have it. Or, figure out how to get it cheaper. Yes. Cheaper is better.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adoring Applique

So, boyfriend just called, and apparently he's going to play hockey for a little bit. I'm exhausted from all the yard work I did this morning, and I'm wasting a little more time on ETSY.

Currently, I'm kinda obsessed with felt applique items. So, I searched "applique", and I found the coolest things. These don't seem so hard to do myself, and felt is cheap, right?

Owl Wristlet

Ondina v-neck

Handmade Wool Felt Tree Hugger pillow

Typewriter Key Pillow

sand dollar pillow cover

Thursday, March 26, 2009

ETSY heaven

Ugh. I just found a new obsession. ETSY, is all handmade goods, and now I'm obsessed. I love random, unique things, and now I want to decorate EVERYTHING in modern applique. Somebody help me, I need a creative outlet soon, or I might explode.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Craigslist Finds : Vallejo/Benicia

I love Craigslist, but I can't afford it all, and boyfriend makes me run every Craigslist (or FreeCycle for that matter) adoption past him. So, I live vicariously by browsing.

1950's red and grey table

School Desk

Now, this is something I just might have to buy. We used to have an old school desk in my bedroom when I was in elementary school. True, mine had lift-up desk with storage underneath, but for $25, this is just too classic to pass up.

Vintage marble table

I don't even know what I'd do with this. But I'm drawn to it...of course, I'd get rid of that brass on the bottom. Gross.

Beautiful and Stylish Furniture

Now, this I emailed to boyfriend, because I just want everything. I want my money, and I need it now!

Needing some inspiration

Well, it's been a slow day at work, and I've been browsing ApartmentTherapy all day long. I found some really awesome rooms and projects over there, but they didn't have a "Share on Blogger" button! My only complaint about the site. Ah well. So, if you're a Facebook friend, don't judge me by my recent wall postings. I just needed to get the word out there!

Now it's an about an hour until I leave, and I have a couple minutes, I can get some links up, to those possible readers who might actually enjoy them.

Inner Mission, SF

This one I absolutely adore (it's a house tour, if you click the link) because of how comfortable and eclectic it is, without looking like a chaotic mishmash of items. Best part is, all their furniture is from Craigslist, or IKEA. Loves it!

This I just love because of the colors, and I've always wanted a comfortable place to sit and read, and this room looks so inviting! Too bad I don't have enough books to fill up that many shelves, but it's definitely a life goal. Maybe I can do a smaller rainbow on those bookshelves I posted last week?

Streamlines Desk

This is definitely something we can use. We finally got the full bed into the guest room, and the tiny room is now even smaller. We have a similar crappy wobbly econo-desk in there now, and the three pieces of furniture really have nothing to do with one another. Streamlining like this (especially since we have a fancy iMac) will allow us to have more room for guests...a guest room that just happens to hold our computer, versus a forgotten office with a bed stored in there.

I'm tackling some parts of the backyard this weekend, trying to clear out space for a veggie/fruit garden. Lots of rock to dig up, and then raised beds to be built. Sunflowers anyone?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Living Room

This room is actually pretty close to being done. Amazing, because a week ago we were no where close.

Last week we made a big IKEA trip, and just this weekend I finished reupholstering the couch. This this was pretty gross before. When I got it off of FreeCycle, the potato sack fabric was pilling, and smelled strongly of the previous owner's dinner choices. Puppy wasn't a big fan, and pee'd on it whenever we left her alone for a minute. We washed it, but you know that smell never comes out.


I kept telling Boyfriend that I'd reupholster it, but he was skeptical. So, once we got into the house, with a garage, I started tearing it apart. I changed the shape of the arms, and added batting and faux-suede fabric. Three weeks later, I was finished. I didn't have much time after work to work on it, so most of the work happened on weekends. It's not perfect, but we're pretty happy with my first couch.


Then last Monday, after our big IKEA trip, Boyfriend "pulled the trigger" and painted our previously orange ugly wall a dark teal we had seen in one of the model rooms at the Big Blue Box. It took a while to get used to, but now as we add things in, it's absolutely perfect. Well, close to perfect. I wouldn't be here if the living room was 100% right now.


After (sorta):

So, besides the area above the heater, which is pretty much dead space since you can't put anything over it (at least, during the winter. This might change in the summer), the cozy "living" aspect of the living room is done. Couch, coffee table, TV, bam. Done. Couple throw pillows, get some little knick knacks above the TV, and good to go. Don't judge me by my laundry.

Now, there's two other wall spaces that need to be filled, and I have ideas for them. More of an "entry way" area, behind and around the couch:


Hypothetical "after":

So, have bookcases lining the back wall, to feel like built-ins. Mirrors the length of the bookshelves to help the light from that window expand out (it's a north-east window, facing the neighbors. I need to squeeze out as much as I can get.), and then ceiling-to-floor light grey curtain panels to keep it light and airy. Same panels will be on the big window in the main living space. The blue behind the bookshelves is just an Ikea print that they have by the yard. I've always wanted to do that with a bookcase, and betting that I get the bookcases through freecycle or craigslists, they'll likely need that little bit of charm.

Then, on the wall between the kitchen, I have a big mirror I need to spray-paint, and then we'll surround it with random size frames, keeping most of the pictures black and white, a couple color images, playing with the mat size, IE small photo, HUGE frame, or keeping the frame right on the image, no mat.

Now, to convince the Boyfriend.

Very beginning.

It's just a couple days shy of a month in the new place, and I'm pretty proud of the amount of decorating we've accomplished. In the past, we've made do with the inherited furnishings handed down from previous residents, or Napa family members, and then left it at that. Maybe because our lease here is 2 years, and we're planning to stay longer, or maybe because we're actually in a house instead of an apartment, but we've finally started making "a home".

Entries will be room-specific, or dream knick-knacks. If you have any suggestions, or furniture you're about to put on Craigslist, let me know!