Friday, January 29, 2010

No mold, but cold.

So, my living room is still torn up.

My landlords are waiting on a construction bid, and then we'll be waiting on an insurance agent to come take a look-see, so it might be like this for longer than expected.

The good news is, I'm told there's no mold, but that's not to say it's not musty. Cold too! All the living room heat is escaping right up through that hole. If squint, you can pretend it's a cool exposed brick section of some chic urban loft. But only if you squint all day long. Otherwise, its a black hole, making my living room darker than it already is during the winter. Boo.

The only shining light in all of this is how accommodating and efficient my landlords have been. The day after I reported it, we had someone looking at it, and fixing the roof. Two days after that, it's torn up and drying (and smelly, unfortunately). Now, with more work expected than originally planned, they're making sure were okay and happy., and letting us know every step of the way. What more can I ask for, really, in this situation?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And so it begins....

(what were we thinking using semi-gloss paint for that wall?)

Its definitely interesting the thing you hear when the contractors think you're out of earshot.... "You see what that is? Termite dust."

Great. Glad I'm renting.

To be continued.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain, rain go away

Well, I never thought I'd restart this blog before my maternity leave was up, especially not in these 2wks that Trevor is in Boston for training. However, Mother Nature had another idea.

The torrential downpours found a hole in the roof, and finally broke thru the original plaster, and who-knows-how-many layers of paint. Clearly, this is not a issue specific to this storm, as this house and roof tiles are from 1934. I'm sure water has been leaking down for years, and finally was no match for El NiƱo.

Thank god I'm a renter.

So, the contractor came today and took a look, and is sending a roofer over to patch up the roof and replace cracked tiles. It's only a quick fix, as it's still raining today, and is supposed to rain all of next week. Once it finally dries out, the real work begins.

The original hardwood in that corner is warping, and the subfloor underneath it is soaked. That wall section and ceiling section has to be ripped out and replaced. Once they tear it out, I'm sure they're going to find black mold. I watch enough HGTV to know, hah.

This is all happening just a few weeks before our one-year anniversary here, and even with the problems, I'm still looking forward to the remaining year in our lease, if not adding another year on. Maybe this will be good, and the landlords will let us help make some cosmetic decisions. We'll see. We do know we'll have to spend a week or so at my mom's place when the work's being done, I'm sure as hell not sticking around with my newborn and a tarp over the front of our house.
They're going to have to rip out and replace that wall section, if not more.

Friday, January 1, 2010


We're a little busy.