Thursday, July 30, 2009

Items of Lust: Phoebe's Room

I just saw this on OhDeeDoh, and I was swept away.

Phoebe Rose's Mom-Made room

First of all, the room looks SO peaceful and comfortable, somewhere I can imagine quietly nursing. AND she used Heather Ross Mendocino Fabric to make the primary baby quilt. HELLO main inspiration for Miss Delaney's room. I mean, the mommy made everything in here, from bumpers, to re-upholstered glider. Woman after my own heart apparently.

So, these anti-theme room, is my theme for Miss D's room. Like, I might even print out pictures and hang them in there so I don't get swept away in all the cutesy baby crap.

PS, I realize this has turned into a "Delaney's room" blog recently rather than Adorning all of the Alabama house. It'll get back there, I swear. Soon to come is a dining room/office update, laundry/craft area idea wall, and master bedroom as well. Since we found out Ms. D was a she, I've had baby on the brain.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

IKEA 2010

Oh yes. It's that time, the new IKEA catalog is out. The home-decor blog scene is just a buzzing, no matter how much crap they talk about IKEA during the rest of the year.

Here's some of my favorite things:

Children's Rocking Chair

Canvas stretcher frames

Edland night stand

Mongstad mirror
Man, I cannot TELL you how long I've wanted this mirror.It was $89 at the Emeryville store last time I was there, but we were only window shopping :(

Smila Blomma lamp

This is a new rug that matches their embroidered flower lampshades? You know what I'm talking about. They don't have it yet online, so I can't link.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Girl: Okay okay, pink.

I found my inspiration, and I guess I need to quit complaining about pink.

Ocean Breeze, Blue Flower, Lavender Ice

Duh. I started that quilt pretty much when I found out I was pregnant, assuming it was just maternal/MarthaStewart type instincts, but I guess I always knew I was having a baby girl.

I think we're sold on the purple, this picture doesn't *quite* do the colors justice. What do you expect from cellphone cameras? But, it pulls out all the colors from the quilt. What you can't see here in the white floral fabric, is in the middle of the purple flowers, there's a little dot of dark hot pink. My mom *just* bought some storage for Delaney's closet in that same color, and I've been trying to figure out why the color resonates so well with me. I'm not a "pink" girl to say the least, but for some reason, I keep coming back to it.

Then, I went down stairs into the mancave to find something, and there she was. Mama Bear. My childhood stuffed animal, that I loved to death, and of course, she's this exact color we're talking about. So, it's all making sense now. Of course, when I go back to look at the Heather Ross Mendocino fabric I listed in the first Baby Girl post, they tie in perfectly with my blues and purples and hot pinks. I'm a genius, swear.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Girl: Working on the bedroom

So, I've been MIA this week, when I expected to be blogging up a storm. Trevor took the iMac with him to training in Orlando, and I'm too lazy to figure out how to set up the wireless internet without the computer as the transmitter.

But, I HAVE been busy every night. Instead of blog browsing, and pretending I'm being productive, I actually am doing things! I've started tearing apart the office/guest room, in hopes that I can paint this weekend.

I tore down the bed, brought the desk downstairs, and cleaned out the "junk drawer" aka our filing cabinet. We've got important documents to keep track of now, with Trev's new job, health insurance papers, and baby stuff. Guess that's part of growing up, right?

I still have to break down the TV stand, sweep and clean the floors, and empty out the guest room closet. That whole room was a catch all, since we're pretty bad at storage and organization. I have dreams of baskets and boxes and organized drawers with labels, and now is a better time than ever to get that underway.

I have always been thinking about a light blue in the room, to counteract all the inevitable sicky sweetness of the pink that will be involved, but I saw a couple purples that caught my eye as well:

And, yes, whatever we choose will be low VOC, so I can paint with my mom. I also have windows, and fans, and masks to wear. :)

Which paint color do you like? Remember, it'll be mixed with that Mendocino line from Heather Ross that I love.

I also chose a furniture set... I was planning on finding a crib and all that other crap from Craigslist/Goodwill/FreeCycle, and refinishing it, but when I found this all those thoughts went out the window. It's totally our style, pulls the white of my rocking chair, and the wood of the floor into one piece, AND mimics the style of our 4-poster in the master bedroom.

Baby Mod Olivia 3-1 crib

Baby Mod Olivia Changer

Baby Mod Olivia Dresser

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lucky Week

It's been a very busy, very chaotic week here on Alabama. But, it has been one of the best weeks of my life.

Boyfriend got the KILLER job with the airline he's been waiting for, and we're finally completely out of the unemployment line. It's been over a year of penny pinching, but I almost wouldn't have had it any other way. The thrifting and struggling has brought us closer together, and taught us what's really important in our life. And, now we travel on almost nothing. Bonus!

Also, today we had our sonogram! After a long, and lengthy insurance issue that should have been sorted out WEEKS ago, and a mid-sonogram dancing session to move the baby around, it turns out we're having a girl!

So, Delaney Melissa it is. The sweet girl's due date was pushed back a week, so she's now officially on Christmas-baby watch, due on Dec 23rd.

Now Boyfriend is leaving for training in Orlando for two long long weeks, and I'm left here with over-zealous, amazing, and opinionated friends. The plan is to make significant progress on the nursery, but we'll see. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Personalized Print

Well, Boy is gone this weekend, and I have the lap top at home. This means I read design blogs all weekend long, with HGTV on in the background. Pathetic, hm? I won't have this free time in 6 months, so I'm soaking it up for all it's worth.

I've found some pretty amazing prints on Etsy, and since I work for a printer, it's pretty tempting for me to recreate some of the more popular prints. But, since plagiarism is bad, and I don't get a whole lot out of ripping other people off, I made a little print piece that's a little more personal.

Brownie point if you can quote the song, WITHOUT GOOGLING. I'm watching you.


Which one do you like better? I did the one with just text first, and then thought it looked a little top heavy. I like all the empty space tho.

Shout Out to NorCal bloggers

Wow. How did I not know this girl was in the Bay?

I just found CentsationalGirl today, and she has a MILLION diy projects, AND she's a mommy, and pretty, and generally seems to have her crap together. *sigh* I can always dream, right? Hah.

Anyway, I found a couple projects near and dear to my heart, and frankly, I'm a little overwhelmed by all of it.

Crystal De-Light

DIY: Chair Recovered.
You know why this one is so appealing. I can't seem to find a picture of my chairs in orange crushed velvet, but, they might break your monitor screen.

DIY: Fabric Headboard

Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby Girl? Modern Kitch.

Well, it's offical. Friday, the 17th (coincidentally, Trev and my 3yr, 11mo anniversary), we'll know if we're having a boy or a girl Baby Terrill. So, with a weekend alone, and a garage sale at my mom's tomorrow (hello free stuff), this seems an appropriate time to follow up on my promise of a Girl's Only zone for little (possibly) Delaney Melissa.

Mushroom Bird Wall art

DIY Twinkle Board

DIY Embroidered Headboard

Orange Poppy Pillow

Thru The Trees Chandelier

I LOVE the idea of a chandelier in a little girls room, especially this one, which isn't too froo-froo, AND it's on sale or $30. Sick.

Heather Ross Mendocino bundle in Fushia

Vintage Avon Grecian Milk Glass

Mother's Little Helper stool

Modern Poppy baby quilt

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Choosing Paint Colors for Balance

This is pretty cool....found the link on ApartmentTherapy's re-nest....they have you take a quiz about your personality and body type, and then pick colors based on that. Apparently, it's some ancient Indian thing. *shrug* I just thought it was neat, because one of the top 5 colors it chose for me is already on our living room wall.

What's your Dosha?. I'm Pitta. P41, Meditation is pretty darn close to our teal in the living room.

Also.... is hosting a contest to win a free Fauna Pillow. Visit for a wide variety of bedding for children and adults.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Baby Boy? Friendly Monsters

So, I think I've changed my mind for the baby's room, if it's a boy. We were originally thinking natutical, boats and oceans type thing, but after a search on Esty, I'm thinking Friendly Monsters.

I was never worried about monsters in the closet, or under the bed when I was a kid (no, it was more a Frankenstein fear, when my sister would sleep walk.) I think this had to do with Where the Wild Things are. Monsters became friends, cool guys to hang out with, rather than frightening creatures.

I've been throwing this idea around since my mom bought little Zilo. And, of course, this all depends on if it IS a boy, I'll do the girly stuff the right way if we have a little princess. But, better be prepared!

Some inspiration:

Onesie with Monster Applique

Clarence in a Pink Parfeit Outfit

Green Monster Fun hooded towel

Max t-shirt

Now, of course, I've found awesome things I want, regardless of the baby's sex (and Trev thinks we're having a girl... family history on my side would say he's probably right, but a girl can dream, right?).

You Are All I Need letterpress

Alphabet Print in Grey

Letterpress Alphabet Poster

I swear to god, I have a list of girly things too. That's another post.