Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Girl: Working on the bedroom

So, I've been MIA this week, when I expected to be blogging up a storm. Trevor took the iMac with him to training in Orlando, and I'm too lazy to figure out how to set up the wireless internet without the computer as the transmitter.

But, I HAVE been busy every night. Instead of blog browsing, and pretending I'm being productive, I actually am doing things! I've started tearing apart the office/guest room, in hopes that I can paint this weekend.

I tore down the bed, brought the desk downstairs, and cleaned out the "junk drawer" aka our filing cabinet. We've got important documents to keep track of now, with Trev's new job, health insurance papers, and baby stuff. Guess that's part of growing up, right?

I still have to break down the TV stand, sweep and clean the floors, and empty out the guest room closet. That whole room was a catch all, since we're pretty bad at storage and organization. I have dreams of baskets and boxes and organized drawers with labels, and now is a better time than ever to get that underway.

I have always been thinking about a light blue in the room, to counteract all the inevitable sicky sweetness of the pink that will be involved, but I saw a couple purples that caught my eye as well:

And, yes, whatever we choose will be low VOC, so I can paint with my mom. I also have windows, and fans, and masks to wear. :)

Which paint color do you like? Remember, it'll be mixed with that Mendocino line from Heather Ross that I love.

I also chose a furniture set... I was planning on finding a crib and all that other crap from Craigslist/Goodwill/FreeCycle, and refinishing it, but when I found this all those thoughts went out the window. It's totally our style, pulls the white of my rocking chair, and the wood of the floor into one piece, AND mimics the style of our 4-poster in the master bedroom.

Baby Mod Olivia 3-1 crib

Baby Mod Olivia Changer

Baby Mod Olivia Dresser


  1. LOVE LOVE the lavender! I think it would look cute and still elegant with all the pink that will be taking over. And it would be just adorable with the white/wood furniture.

  2. I vote beach plum. And I love the Olivia Dresser!


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