Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Current Obsession: Heather Ross

Okay, so I lied. I found some amazing brand new fabric today that I'm absolutely in love with. So much for only vintage fabric.

Heather Ross isn't only a way cool fabric designer, she's also a blogger! She gives GREAT insight on how she comes up with her designs, and on how life in general motivates and inspires her.

She has two awesome lines out right now, Far Far Away, and Mendocino. Both include amazing fanciful pieces that have broken my baby-girl-mental-block.

We've had plans for a nautical theme if it's a boy, and love water, so wanted to keep a water theme if it's a girl. Well, then I found that Mendocino line, and was in love.

That's just what I've found today, she has so many other awesome lines that can be used in grown up, or more whimsical settings. Love it!

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