Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I guess it's a good thing I was so productive yesterday, because I did absolutely NO house work today. Okay, I cleaned up some trash on the coffee table, and swept under the dog bed, somehow Allie had hidden a paper plate, torn up paper towels, and a dried romaine leaf under there. That dog frightens me sometimes.

Yesterday I knocked some things off my "Mommy-do" list... I did a second, much more successful, strip of that pink and white freecycle dresser I started pre-conception. There's still a little bit of paint film left, the spray stripper and a brush should fix that. Then, I'd like to stain it to match the bed and antique dresser in the bedroom, but after doing all the paint stripping, I probably should have just painted it in the first place. We'll see. I'll do a test patch. If I do decide to paint, it'll just be white, which will match our doors and footboards.

While I was waiting for stripper to work, I did some garage clean up. Apparently there's another El Nino coming, and while thats many months away, god knows I would have left all those boxes on the bottom of the man cave, only to have flood waters destroy everything. We might have to elevate more in the fall, we'll see how things go.

Also, I've scored the incredible, long, white desk my sister and I used as kids, my mom is on super-garage-excavation right now. So, that's another project to come, making our dark and dreary laundry room into a cozy, well lit sewing/creative space. Problem #1 is that the walls are just studs, and we're renting, but I don't really see the problem with paying for plywood and hanging and painting it ourselves, if we just tear it down later. That will be a slow process, as we're kinda broke right now.

Today was gorgeous in the City, I was out on Treasure Island all afternoon, and got quite cooked. But, I needed the vitamin D, I can clean the kitchen another day. We also did a walk through Ikea, and I wasn't motivated as usual. Tomorrow is a baby appointment (heartbeat time!) and dinner at my mom's. Now it's time for me to watch Trev play hockey. So cold in here! I need a quilt finished ASAP.

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