Sunday, June 26, 2011

DIY: Typographic Pallet Art

I know I've mentioned a million times that I work for a print company. What I haven't embellished on, is that paper is shipped on pallets, so there's a TON of pallets in all shapes and sizes behind our shop. Seriously. And with this whole ReduceReuseRecycle fad officially a "lifestyle movement", I couldn't help but be inspired.

I've always been a lover of typographic art, but since the last month of Strong Creative has been all about graphic design, rather than the tactile arts, I couldn't help but be inspired.

A quick print out of our favorite song lyric in Arial at 150pts, cut out with an Exacto blade, made a perfect stencil. Note, I didn't say the stenciling itself was perfect…all these years of watching HGTV, and I forgot to stipple with a dry brush, rather than paint it on.

I have to say tho, I love the "perfectly-non-perfect" effect, and even better, my Trevor LOVES it. He's always proud of my work, but this is the first decor-y item he's been completely blown away and thrilled by. So, they'll be for sale in my Etsy shop shortly. (Edit: For sale now in my Etsy Shop!) Pick your own meaningful quote, of course ;)

Also, not too shabby, that the blue matches my new-to-me lamps from Napa's newest consignment store, Roost.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Truth Time

I'm kinda totally in love with brass right now. Last winter there was a post somewhere in BlogLand where some girl had turned an ugly 90's builder grade brass pendant upside down, filled it with sand, and used as a votive holder.

Now, I've looked high and low for that image, so I can credit the inspired gal, but I can't find it! Anyway, my whole point is that I want little bits of tarnish brass sprinkled all over my home, mixing in with the colder silver accents I've grown up with. (No joke, for a 5yr period my mom spray painted EVERYTHING silver. Even the bathtub tiles.)

This whole mixed-metal thang is definitely not a new, or particularly novel, idea, but it's a big deal to the girl who finally bought skinny jeans yesterday, two years into the trend. I've convinced myself that a more eclectic look fits into our messy busy lifestyle and thriftstore budget. After seeing that inspiration image that eludes me now, I went right down to Goodwill, and bought a brass and smoked glass vanity. I took the mirror off, and used it as my mini-Christmas Tree table. I just haven't figured out a way to work it back into the house since then :-/

Emily Henderson uses brass A LOT. I'm kinda in love with the girl, and um hi hello, she used to have a blog CALLED The Brass Petal

I'm also totally into the random art wall. Again, fits into our wonderfully un-perfect life.

(this one is actually pinned up to my new awesome inspiration board)

This doesn't mean I'm doing away will all my silver pieces, no no. I think they can absolutely be combined to reinforce that "collected over time" feel.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Office Progress!

Well, today I've been able to cross, not one, but TWO things off my Big Ass Summer To-Do List (as it's been referenced to on FB).

You remember the chaos and general ugliness that was my office/dining room before, right? Well, here's a reminder:

Yeah. Not good. Did I mention earlier that that printer has been without black ink, and therefore unusable since before we even moved into this place, 2.5yrs ago? I work at a print shop, so I don't panic when I have Hancock or Michael's coupons to print.

Here we are today, with "inspiration board" and "paint and hang green Ikea LACK shelf" crossed off the BASTDL.

Still a whole lot to do, and items to buy for styling, but I'm heading there. And I promise, decent "after" photos (like, not using my iPhone). Hey, if Emily Henderson can do it, so can I! Getting those hard drives and modem out of my working zone makes the space seem so much bigger already!

Mood board coming soon, as I price and measure out all my options. I DO know I'll be getting one of those $59 IKEA counter tops to cover my existing desk. It'll go all the way to the window, giving us more surface AND storage space (bye bye Booda Dome!)

PS, last week we went to Monterey for some awesome family time. Four generations, from 18mo to 89yrs. Can't resist some motherly bragging! Who's this pretty girl?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things to do this summer

Because after all, there's nothing like a list. And just for fun, I've listed 24 things to do (or start) before I turn 24 at the end of September.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

1. Take Delaney to feed the ducks

2. Get the backyard in friends-over-for-BBQ state
- more lawn, less blackberry rambles
- prune lemon tree Done 6/26 while on the phone with Best Friend Kelly
- paint old patio furniture and grill

3. Clean out garage Finished 7/1 with Trev, so he'd have room to finish his arcade machine

4. Pull together our bedroom
- upholstered headboard
- paint nightstands
- retrofit/refinish existing dresser
- reupholster ottoman
- area rug from estate sale
- curtains
- duvet cover and bed styling
- paint walls and ceiling to match the rest of the house

5. Go to the beach once a month with Kelly and our girls

6. Update the office into a functional, inspirational space
- paint existing desk/shelf - Finished 6/18 - not hung because apparently drilling through exterior-now-interior-thanks-to-a-sunroom-addition 1934 stucco is hard. Took 15min and lots of sparks to do ONE hole.
- ikea wood counter top
- inspiration board - Finished 6/18
- litterbox solution
- curtains
- dining room cohesion - effing mouse pad for my spazzy optical mouse - Finished 7/15.

7. Get business license for StrongCreative

8. Establish dish-washing routine - Finished 7/30. It's official, I've done dishes EVERY DAY for the past month. Looking forward to my future dishwasher, ugh.

9. Lose 25lbs by August 17th

10. Finish upholstering couch, add new feet.

11. Get Delaney potty trained

12. Get Delaney in her big-girl bed (and big girl bed out of garage, see item 3)

13. Run an 8min mile

14. Find affordable, reliable daycare so I can work 8hrs a day

15. Boost my credit score to 600 (or higher!)

16. Five new StrongCreative clients - Finished 8/1 Okay, so I've just added 3 Strong Creative clients, but I was hired by Jeni @ Jeni Olsen Design as her Junior Designer! Now I get to work on awesome, big-name-client projects, and have the best mentor/boss lady/friend to learn from.

17. Finish my MIL's quilt (by Aug 11)

18. Go on a date with Trevor once a month (or more!)

19. Take Allie to the dog park once a week

20. Pay down family debts by half - Finished 8/1

21. Refresh living room
- reupholster waiting room chair in something bright
- Bring in teak shelving units
- area rug (estate sale)
- rearrange for optimum comfort/entertaining.
- rotate photo frames (and finally take the provided "fake family portraits" out of a few of them)

22. Limit coffee intake to cups brewed at home or work.

Sign up for (and eventually pass) two more classes towards BA degree - Finished 7/15, taking THREE classes!

24. Spend as much time outside with my family as our schedules and daylight allow.

25. Go on IKEA (and Urban Ore??) field trip with BCE Jeni Olsen - added 6/17 because she basically demanded it.