Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Okay okay okay

So I KNOW this layout sucks. AND I know my photos suck, because SOMEONE can't find the charger to our digital camera. I'm 100% sure it's in his car.

I'll work on the layout, and work even harder to get digital photos up, because frankly, I'm not even motivated by this blog very often. Until then, bear with me. :)

Before and After: Rocking Chair

Well, I did it. All in one day, even!





Notice Zilo, and an unfinished red stripey pillow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Note to Self:

Don't start quilting at 10:30 at night. Also, think twice about starting first quilt in 10 years with a combination of satin upholstry fabric, 100# cotton quilt weight, somewhat stretchy dress fabric, and faux suede.

Too bad the colors/textures look amazing. Damn my need for variety!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby Stuff: Crazy Monster Toy

These cuddly little monsters were at St. Pierre's Massage, and I had to have it. Mommy went ahead and bought it for me, I got Zilo, the blue one.

He's actually more of a dark teal than this royal blue you see in the picture, and totally cuddly. The company is called Bucky also have tinier monsters called "Whoopsies" that you can microwave, or put in the freezer, to fix any little boo boo your little buddy might have. More holistic, adult items as well.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Current Obsession: Heather Ross

Okay, so I lied. I found some amazing brand new fabric today that I'm absolutely in love with. So much for only vintage fabric.

Heather Ross isn't only a way cool fabric designer, she's also a blogger! She gives GREAT insight on how she comes up with her designs, and on how life in general motivates and inspires her.

She has two awesome lines out right now, Far Far Away, and Mendocino. Both include amazing fanciful pieces that have broken my baby-girl-mental-block.

We've had plans for a nautical theme if it's a boy, and love water, so wanted to keep a water theme if it's a girl. Well, then I found that Mendocino line, and was in love.

That's just what I've found today, she has so many other awesome lines that can be used in grown up, or more whimsical settings. Love it!

Vallejo 1, Napa 0

Okay, so, I went into Hancock Fabrics in Napa today (I was doing some "research" for work), and honestly, I was so disappointed with the layout of the store! Vallejo's is much more open and user friendly.

But, also while I was there, I wasn't really taken by any of the fabrics. I think I'm going to be a vintage fabric girl from now on with my quilt projects. First of all, it's environmentally responsible, and second of all, they're pretty freaking cool. Now, there are truly some awesome new fabrics out there, but, Hancock Fabrics isn't supplying them, and online is so much cheaper.

Shopping at Mom's: School Desk

I talked to my uncle last night, and he's going to give me the school desk that has been handed down through the family! It looks like this:

Except that the metal is orange, and the desk is in much better shape.

The story behind this is great, actually. My grandpa used to work for the school district, he was Superintendent at one point. (Right? I might be lying. Just a disclaimer, as my mom sometimes reads this.) Somewhere along the line, he brought this desk back for my uncle, and painted it orange. When my mom started having kids, my uncle gave it to her for us to use, and we LOVED it. When my uncle had my cousin, it went back to her! Now, I'm going to put it in our baby's room :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Current Obsession: bus rolls

So, I didn't go to the Antique Fair as planned this weekend, and it looks like I missed out big time. Apartment Therapy posted these bus rolls, and I was automatically taken with them. After all the traveling on busses we've done, this reminds me of past summers, and how old tour busses would make jokes out of them. *I also just found out the ones from the Alameda antique Fair are from Scotland. Even more perfect.*

Now, I want one bad. Or two. Or seven.

Apartment Therapy's find.

Australian bus destination roll on Ebay

1940's RED Dallas Bus Roll Sign on Ebay

on Ebay (these guys seem to look like they have them often. Definitely something to keep my eye on.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I guess it's a good thing I was so productive yesterday, because I did absolutely NO house work today. Okay, I cleaned up some trash on the coffee table, and swept under the dog bed, somehow Allie had hidden a paper plate, torn up paper towels, and a dried romaine leaf under there. That dog frightens me sometimes.

Yesterday I knocked some things off my "Mommy-do" list... I did a second, much more successful, strip of that pink and white freecycle dresser I started pre-conception. There's still a little bit of paint film left, the spray stripper and a brush should fix that. Then, I'd like to stain it to match the bed and antique dresser in the bedroom, but after doing all the paint stripping, I probably should have just painted it in the first place. We'll see. I'll do a test patch. If I do decide to paint, it'll just be white, which will match our doors and footboards.

While I was waiting for stripper to work, I did some garage clean up. Apparently there's another El Nino coming, and while thats many months away, god knows I would have left all those boxes on the bottom of the man cave, only to have flood waters destroy everything. We might have to elevate more in the fall, we'll see how things go.

Also, I've scored the incredible, long, white desk my sister and I used as kids, my mom is on super-garage-excavation right now. So, that's another project to come, making our dark and dreary laundry room into a cozy, well lit sewing/creative space. Problem #1 is that the walls are just studs, and we're renting, but I don't really see the problem with paying for plywood and hanging and painting it ourselves, if we just tear it down later. That will be a slow process, as we're kinda broke right now.

Today was gorgeous in the City, I was out on Treasure Island all afternoon, and got quite cooked. But, I needed the vitamin D, I can clean the kitchen another day. We also did a walk through Ikea, and I wasn't motivated as usual. Tomorrow is a baby appointment (heartbeat time!) and dinner at my mom's. Now it's time for me to watch Trev play hockey. So cold in here! I need a quilt finished ASAP.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Graphic wallpaper patchwork

I saw this on sfgirlbybay's blog today, and when I first looked at it, I thought it was a quilt!

Well, it wasn't, it was wallpaper samples at Liberty in London, but, isn't it cool? I want to do a quilt, and keep it modern and fresh, because traditional isn't really our style. But, "modern" quilts are hard, and I haven't made a quilt since I was, oh, 11. So I could do something like this, with simple patchworks from scraps I find, using only the brightest and most graphic ones I find. While, yes, it's a little discombobulated, It's so cool, and every piece tells a story.

I swear, I'll get a quilt done before this damn baby is born :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Current Obsession: Blue and Orange.

Funny, as I'm writing this, I realize Blogger's colors are blue and orange.

So, this was an accidental obsession, I wasn't looking for anything new to covet. As you know, Trev painted the back wall a dark teal (which looks royal blue most days, because it has a little bit of sheen, and our walls are super textured plaster). Anyway, I have some awesome orange/purple daisies that I put in a wine bottle, against that wall, and suddenly I noticed more bits of orange in the room. I have this great Nordic plate that's a boat against a blue sea with orange sails (my great grandfather brought it back from Norway). The other day, I found a HUGE jack (you know, from when you play jacks) that's about 6" across, solid iron, painted orange. It's a little aged and worn, which pleases me.

Anyway, it got me thinking. There's a lot of blue and grey in our living room, we're water babies at heart. I've been needing a pop of color, and also, I need inspiration for curtains, we've had the same ugly yellow faded ones our landlord left. So, now, I'm thinking something from Ikea, or, anywhere else, white curtains, with little pieces of orange, so not to over whelm.

Some of my favorite blue and orange items of late are shown below.

Amy Butler Fabric from Etsy

Wild Haired Brothers print by papermoth on Etsy

White, Grey and Orange Apartment on Sf Apartment Therapy.

Orange Crush print by sfgirlbybay

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rockabye baby

So, I acquired my first baby item yesterday! I haven't let myself buy anything yet, but we're officially 12 weeks and 3 days, and so when I saw this on FreeCycle, I had to have it. I didn't know what I was getting into, just a "bent wood rocker with fabric seats" was the description. So, when I picked it up, I was pleasantly surprised!


Sure, it's a little dirty, and I'm not really into the wood, but I'm planning on sanding it down, painting it white, and then obviously recovering the seat in some fun fabric to match the curlies. Trevor, of course, thinks it's "fugly" at the moment, as he does everything that I bring home, before it's fixed. But, I think with that coat of white paint, the curls will look less traditional, and more whimsical, more kid like.

What do you think?