Sunday, July 31, 2011

She works hard for it, honey

Though my posts don't indicate it, I've actually been very busy knocking things off my Big Ass Summer List. I've done the dishes EVERY DAY for the past month (a big deal w/o a dishwasher), Jeni Olsen Design hired me as a Junior Designer (!!), Trevor's weekends off means we're able to spend more much time together as a family, we've been knocking BS items off our credit reports, I've signed up for 3 classes (all online!) in the fall, aaaaand we're back in the house hunt!

Yep. We have to buy this year to take advantage of a bunch of programs, so it's needless to say that I'm hustlin'. In addition to my 30hrs / week at the print shop, I've racked up an additional 15hrs per week between Strong Creative and JOD items. Not getting much sleep, but it's so worth it! I'd rather break up my work day this way, than work 8hrs straight and only have enough time to feed Delaney before getting her ready for bed.

So, some recent projects, fresh from my inspiration board:

Logo and collateral for David Aten Events
Logo and business cards (and brochure and signage!) for Revive Skin Spa
Logo and business cards for Denny Design

Painted pallet for Jeni and her kitty (he's a big fan of my work) photo from JO

With school starting in two weeks, I REALLY need to knock out this last quilt. It's kinda due in 11 days. Luckily, it's pieced in strips, I just need to piece the strips together, then, you know, actually quilt the beast, bind, and deliver. No pressure.

I'll get into how we're buying a house in another post…it's pretty awesome :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

nothing like a fresh press sheet

Finally, my recent Strong Creative design work went to press this week! I'm working on photos - but here's a press sheet of the business cards I did for a local Napa aesthetician, Katy at Revive Skin Spa. Katy is young, bubbly, pretty, and serious about her work. I was blown away by her professionalism, especially when I found out she was younger than me! So her design had to match her attitude, but also fit within the branding of the salon she's partnered with.

We kept her business cards two-color to cut down on cost, and used a fun metallic purple to add some personality. (Printer Tip of the Day, metallic ink costs the same as flat ink!). She was torn between the green and purple body - and obviously ultimately decided to go with the green as her main card. This will look right at home when displayed at the classy salon downstairs, and she can keep her purple cards for more special potential clients.

I also just printed a gorgeous silver foil + emboss job that I need to take photos of as well. It's nice to have my own designs, printed and tacked up to my inspiration board :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kitchen Bling

I might not be able to do a whole lot in terms of decorating my kitchen (rental, limited wall space, etc) but I do have this to welcome me every time I reheat my coffee in the morning:

Succulents from Home Depot, brass letters from Shabbylull on Etsy

Friday, July 1, 2011


I'm back with a quickie little update, as I check things off my Big Ass List of things to do this summer.

Trevor recently switched his schedule around, so he officially has weekends off for the first time since 2007! As you can imagine, my head is spinning with all the things we could do. Dates, yardwork, day trips, dog park, house work, etc etc. However, he of course has his own ideas of what he's going to do, and he's finally going to finish his arcade refab. I mentioned this a MILLION years ago, but for the past year or so, that monstrosity has been sitting in my garage, taking up room from MY neglected projects. Hmph.

Anyway, he needs a place to sand/paint/build, right? Great! Lets clean the garage. Check.. Lets go to Home Depot and buy a palm sander, shop vac, and fertilizer while we're at it! Check, check, check. Guess I can't complain if I get to benefit from his purchases too!

Speaking of fertilizer, I've been working on my backyard for what seems forever (Here's an intervention-ish post froma year ago in …usually in fits and spurts and sunburns, only to get too busy to even go outside some weeks. Well, since it's on my Big Ass List, I have to put some serious effort into it, and it's looking better! Last week I mowed (twice in a month, getting more consistent!) and pruned the lemon tree.

This is what it looks like today, out my kitchen window as I did dishes:

It's definitely getting better…tonight, I'll be spreading some of this stuff on the front lawn, to get it nice and dark green.

Soon, I'll have office updates for you…an IKEA trip is in my very near future!