Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pantry Cookies

I was planning a big day of housecleaning today, without realizing that there isn't really anything to do! I've gotten so good about daily de-cluttering that there isn't a whole lot to do! So, what's a 22yr old playing house wife supposed to do before her man gets home? Bake cookies of course!

Problem #1: No vanilla extract. I have everything else in my pantry, including rolled oats. But, without the vanilla, how am I going to make oatmeal cookies? Bummer.

So, after researching for sugar cookies and googling "oatmeal cookies without vanilla extract" (bad results, fyi) I finally resigned to some boring sugar cookies, w/o frosting. Homemade cookies are still homemade cookies, right? I poured out my flour, then went into the pantry for the rest. Lo and behold, right above my sight-line, exactly one teaspoon of vanilla extract. Genius. Oatmeal cookies it is.

Ignore those couple of dishes in the sink, I've done 2 loads already.

So, I whip out our dusty trusty Kitchenaid, and start mixing. Problem #2: Get everything in and combined, get to the last ingredient before the oats, and realized that I didn't have any baking powder. Baking soda, salt, everything else, yeah. But at this point, far too along to turn around. So, I poured in the oats and hoped for the best.

Turned out pretty amazing! A little bit cakey versus chewy, but the flavor is there. The best part is I didn't need go to go the store and buy anything, everything was out of my pantry.

I guess I'll finish those last couple dishes now, so I look SUPER spectacular when Trevor gets home from work :)

DIY idea: Faux fur rug

I know I haven't been around recently. Luckily, work's been CRAZY busy, which is a HUGE weight off of my shoulders. This summer has been one of ridiculous ups and downs, and while Trevor and I are happier than ever, the last "down" has left us playing catch up for the last two months.

Safe to say I haven't had any extra cash around to go buy fabric, much less the time to do anything!

Anyway, after Trevor left yesterday, I was watching Design on a Dime, and they had a GREAT idea for a custom rug. This was for a living room, but I've been tryin to find the perfect cozy rug for Delaney's room, and I think this option was amazing!

The original idea was something like this:

Using faux fur from the fabric store (here's some from Hancock Fabrics), and that nubby rug liner, to get a similar look for a fraction of the price.

Normally, I'm not super into high-loft rugs, since they can be difficult to vacuum, but one in a really low-traffic area like Delaney's room before, and while, she learns to crawl, I think it would be just perfect :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Design Star: Antonio!

I think I was going to cry if they called Dan's name. I am SO thrilled Antonio won! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

QFH, revisited.

Oh dear. Remember my quilt from hell? I blamed all my problems on the beautiful stretchy floral fabric, and after buckling down and piecing another 1/4 of it together last night, I realized the lady is not my problem.

It's that oh-so-soft micro suede. If you get something lined up perfectly, it slides, even WITH 5pins per 7" square. Bitter. From now on, I will only use REAL upholstery fabric to upholster things, cover pillows, or make dog beds. Pinky swear.

Today was the perfectly grey, rainy day I've been waiting for to work on the quilt. It's still NOT done, since piecing takes 4x longer than it should thanks to my obsession with texture. I have a hot-pink flat sheet from a step sister, that matches the hot pink on the inside of the flowers. I don't even know what the finished size is I'm planning on, but it's basically just something for Trevor and I to cuddle under. I was more than happy to sit with piles of fabric on my lap today to keep me warm!

I haven't gotten the laundry room set up yet, so my workzone is currently the living room floor.

Isn't this gorgeous? It's the color inspiration behind Delaney's room, so I'm going to use it to make her bumpers, and maybe some other decorative items around the room (sparingly, of course. No fabric covered lamp bases for me, thx). My only concern is that I bought it from Hancock Fabrics, and I can't find it online. I'm worried it might be gone forever. :(

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hey, hey girl.

I didn't realize these things made it around blogs, too!

Making : plans for Delaney's crib set, homemade.
Cooking : Eggplant parm. Anybody know a good recipe?
Drinking : ice cold water
Reading: Trashy gossip mags left on the plane, that my darling boyfriend brings home every week.
Wanting: A shirt dress and leggings from American Apparel.
Looking: at the sunset thru the big living room window.
Playing: dress up with old clothes.
Wasting: energy worrying about work drama.
Sewing: the quilt-from-hell for Trevor and I
Wishing: I could take off work now, and just focus on my little family.
Enjoying: my unscheduled weekend.
Waiting: for Trevor James to come home from work.
Liking: how clean the house is this week!
Wondering: when we'll ever paint LaneyBaby's room.
Loving: the strength of my relationship with Trevor in the face of chaos.
Hoping: that I can get better hours this week.
Marvelling: at the miracle of baby making. How is there something 13in long in there?
Needing: to get out and move this weekend.
Smelling: the spray starch I use for ironing.
Wearing: short dress I wore to work. Too hot to put on anything else!
Following: that new show Hoarders. Makes me feel like a perfect house wife.
Noticing: that my favorite colors are "in" again. Teals, purples, blues and greens. Yummmm.
Knowing: we will eventually come out of this financial hole we're in, and we'll laugh about how broke we were.
Thinking: of how many times I've said the above statement, and seen it come true.
Bookmarking: more tutorials to get around to.
Opening: my sewing basket for the first time in weeks.
Giggling: over Chelsea Lately's round table.
Feeling: like I might have heartburn later tonight. Oh pregnancy. You made me eat the jambalaya and melon jello.

I swear there'll be a ton of posts this weekend, as Trevor found our charger for the digi camera. I've been without it for about 6mo, and believe me, as a child of the MySpace generation, it was a huge challenge for me. Also, it's supposed to rain, which is of course, when I'm the most productive.

Coming up:
Delaney's fabulous new organized closet
Dining room chair recovery
Finished quilt top
Bread box revamp
Baby shower invites
Trevor's bedside table
Eggplant Parmesan
Office/dining room re-do

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Inspiration: Stick it to me.

So, the yardwork turned into a bigger project then planned... lets just say, when I got a little gungho with the power trimmer, I found out whoever painted the house last didn't do a thorough job. I've got some more to do out there to getting it looking nice.

Tonight, I'm obsessing about applique. More specifically, cute applique on baby clothes, like, perhaps a zip hoodie. I'm also particularly enamored with making one to coordinate with one I'll make for myself. Is that so wrong?

Anybody know where I can get plain zip hoodies for cheapy cheap?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chelsea fall down, go boom.


Yesterday I learned a really great lesson. Apparently water + painted concrete doesn't make for the most stable surface. Ugh...I had left something in the car, and the sprinklers had just turned off, so I was prepared to run out to the car. WHAM, legs in the air, landed hard on my butt, banging my back on the steps. My first reaction was concern about Delaney of course, but she's just fine, been kicking like a little soccer player.

So, I hobbled to Home Depot today, and spent a whopping $12.97 on peel-and-stick treads. Considering a trip to the ER for falling COULD cost 100x that amt, I think it was a very good investment. But, I'm sure they'd give me some pretty amazing pain killers at the ER. I can't sit today, so I'll probably get more cleaning done. Don't I have all the fun?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall Cleaning?

I've decided I need to ditch my broom, and get a Swiffer. Or, at least, shave the animals.

Having hardwood is SO nice, because I hate vacumming. but, even more so now that I see ALL the dirt and dust and hair that ends up all over the place. I know there's no way I was getting all that up with my trusty Kirby. So, for my birthday, I've asked for a normal Swiffer (the WetJet is pathetic), and a steam mop. I'm surprised Trevor and I haven't developed allergies with all the dust bunnies, but I can't expect the same of Delaney!

Speaking of the baby daddy, he's been gone in Rochester since Wednesday, and won't be back until Monday. I'm missing him so much. Normally, I'd just lay in bed, on the lap top, watching pathetic shows... but I have things to do! So far, I've completely dusted and swept our bedroom, decluttering and making the bed as I go. It took me 30min, unfortunately this is the easiest room in the house. Oops. Next is purging Delaney's room of anything not baby-related, and sweeping/dusting in there as well. Then cleaning the bathroom which is my 100% last favorite thing to do. We have beautiful white octagon tile in there, but it's only like 2in wide, so there's LOTS of grout, and I really don't have the patience. See, this is where a steam mop will help me :)

Later this week I'll have DIY posts of dining chair recovery, and Delaney's closet shelving. Stay tuned!