Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pantry Cookies

I was planning a big day of housecleaning today, without realizing that there isn't really anything to do! I've gotten so good about daily de-cluttering that there isn't a whole lot to do! So, what's a 22yr old playing house wife supposed to do before her man gets home? Bake cookies of course!

Problem #1: No vanilla extract. I have everything else in my pantry, including rolled oats. But, without the vanilla, how am I going to make oatmeal cookies? Bummer.

So, after researching for sugar cookies and googling "oatmeal cookies without vanilla extract" (bad results, fyi) I finally resigned to some boring sugar cookies, w/o frosting. Homemade cookies are still homemade cookies, right? I poured out my flour, then went into the pantry for the rest. Lo and behold, right above my sight-line, exactly one teaspoon of vanilla extract. Genius. Oatmeal cookies it is.

Ignore those couple of dishes in the sink, I've done 2 loads already.

So, I whip out our dusty trusty Kitchenaid, and start mixing. Problem #2: Get everything in and combined, get to the last ingredient before the oats, and realized that I didn't have any baking powder. Baking soda, salt, everything else, yeah. But at this point, far too along to turn around. So, I poured in the oats and hoped for the best.

Turned out pretty amazing! A little bit cakey versus chewy, but the flavor is there. The best part is I didn't need go to go the store and buy anything, everything was out of my pantry.

I guess I'll finish those last couple dishes now, so I look SUPER spectacular when Trevor gets home from work :)

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