Saturday, October 3, 2009

Completely MIA

Oh my jeez, am I the worst person ever? The last two weeks have been CRAZY! I haven't been blogging about my home-improvements, because I've barely had time to do the dishes. Like, I'm out of clean forks and spoons right now. These couple minutes I'm writing this apology blog is my procrastination in action - there's SO much to do around the house, and getting started is the hardest part.

Monday was my birthday! 22 years old, and 7mo pregnant - where does the time go? My amazing boyfriend schemed the two weeks before hand, and on Friday he whisked me off for a whirlwind trip to NYC. He got both our moms involved, and even my grandma, to help out with the celebrations. Such a good boy :)

That night we caught a redeye (courtesy of Jet Blue flight benefits, of course) to JFK. Landed at 5:30am, navigated the subway bleary-eyed, and got to our hotel (The Wyndham Chelsea West, appropriately) at 7am. I crashed for 2 hrs while Trevor planned out our day.

Started in line for Broadway tickets, and ended up buying West Side Story tixs from a scalper (if we had gone to Mary Poppins, we might have caught a glimpse of Brad and Maddox!). Then we went to Ground Zero, walked thru the Memorial Preview Site, and watched some street vendors get busted by a NYPD officer wearing a Fresno State sweatshirt. After a breakfast of Dunkin' Donuts, we went to the Empire State building and did the typical touristy things. The lines were short, and the day was clear - what more could we ask?

Then, we were determined to find Tom Collichio's 'WichCraft, and after walking about 20 blocks, finding two closed for the weekend, we finally ended up at 30 Rock. We were too late for a tour of NBC Studios, but we found an open 'WichCraft, which was simply amazing. I decided I deserved a DietCoke!

Then, we walked around Times Square for an hour, and Trevor noticed I was fading fast - all our trips are usually this fast-paced, I just haven't done one since I've been pregnant! After another nap for him, and another 1/3 of the new Dan Brown book for me, we went down to Broadway.

West Side Story was AMAZING - Trev knew the story line, but had never seen the movie, let alone a play. Our seats were pretty decent, the cast was amazing, and when we left the theatre, it was raining. What's more romantic than wet city streets in Times Square?

The next day we slept in, went to lunch with a local friend, and found Yogurt Land in Greenwich Village. It was so nice to be part of a local's area for a few minutes, after the tourist over-load from the day before. Next time we come to the city, we need to stay there - there's enough food options to eat somewhere different 4x a day, for a month!

Then Monday it was back to work - and we've been busy recently (thank god!). Today is my first moment really to look around and say "yeaahhh my house is a mess." My sister is coming over for dinner tomorrow, and while she never judges, I just like to look like I have all my crap together. I'm also 100% overwhelmed with the lack of storage solutions and the amount of baby stuff about to infiltrate this tiny house. This weekend I need to purge, clean, and plan - the baby shower is in 3 wks, and we need to have everything set up to just put everything away!

I guess I've wasted enough time here for today - I picked up an incredible amount of sewing supplies (thread, notions, fabric, patterns, etc etc etc) via FreeCycle, so I'm sure I'll be back soon.

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