Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nesting panic.

Well, it's started.

We have 9 weeks left to go, and I feel 100% unprepared. Hah, new mom much?

I'm not quite at the "down on the floor with a toothbrush" panic, and I think that's simply only because I refuse to clean around clutter. So, this week I've really tackled the projects I've been procrastinating: Delaney's closer (formerly electronic chaos), the office (former post-move storage/staging area) and the garage (former dark dungeon of doom.)

Most of these projects aren't picture worthy, because it's mostly just clearing out a messy space into a blank one. There's been little to no actually "decorating" happening, just doing all the ground work. Money has been really really stinkin' tight around here, and I know Delaney will love us more with a roof over her head, than a 100% perfectly decorated home. (I mean, baby eyesight SUCKS right out of the gate, she won't be able to tell for a couple weeks).

While I've been bettering our home by cleaning and organizing, nothing's been very visually or creatively stimulating. In fact, this week two of my picture frames broke :( . So, I took some time this afternoon to make a super simple baby blanket out of some of the fabric I got from FreeCycle this week. It's blue flannel on one side, and a blue tiny floral on the other, so I added an applique pink heart in the corner. Too bad my sewing machine kept acting up, or my stitched border would have been better. But, it's adorable, and satisfied my creativity for the next couple days.

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  1. "Baby eyesight sucks..." That is so awesome. All she will need is mommy and this A-dorable blanket so don't stress the nursery too much.

    Thanks for the tips on being a "Cute Hot-Mess" You are SO funny!!!


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