Thursday, October 22, 2009

Busy Bee

I swear I'm about to explode! I have so so so much to do in the next two days, then it's the baby shower, and on Sunday I can breathe!! My house is clean, at least.

Hah. I know I'm lying to myself. There's no time to breathe with the baby due in 7 wks. But at least after the shower I can start working on Delaney's room. I've decided on going on Mat Leave 2wks before she's due, which is like December 4th ish...even that long of a time is freaking me out, but better safe than sorry! I have this weird feeling she's going to come early, since the whole pregnancy has been so freaking easy so far.

Now I should get of this poor, neglected blog, and get to the graphic design work I have to do much.

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