Sunday, January 30, 2011

Inspiration: Cross-stitch Valentine Card

Cute! I've been waiting to see Jeni's finished result!

Jeni's cross-stitched truffle card

Trev isn't really a "card saver" type guy, so someone else who get to be my Valentine (if I found any time to do this)!

No fear, however. There's a project in the works for Mr. Man. Tutorial to come?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

FreeCycle strikes again!

So, Trevor and I have an agreement: I can't bring anything FreeCycle into the house without first asking him.

Today, I broke that covenant.

Isn't it just RIPE for a redo? I've been wanting a chandy for the bathroom (or maybe even the kitchen!), and the nicest guy posted this on FreeCycle yesterday. He was SO nice, one of those art-sculptures-on-the-front-lawn-of-his-bright-yellow-house type guys. I should have stuck around and asked what else he was giving away, but I had a sick babeleen on my hands.

So, the big question now is what color to paint it, since that brass tone is obviously not going to work out. White and blank are kinda blah. If it's free, I don't mind painting it a couple times to get the right look!

Vickie Howell used fabric paint.

Found The Bon on Flickr

Yellow Painted Chandelier

Built in desk w/ chandelier

DIY Tute from CraftZine

What do you think? What color should I go with? Everything in our house is shades of grey or blue (save the baby's purple and pink room).

It's a pretty good day!

Apparently, repping Nor*Cal with my classic black hoodie is paying off....The sun is out, the baby is napping, and I just found out there are not one, but TWO quilters on my short 20-home street. And one of them has a long arm that she rents out!

Now, I just need to decide which quilt I'm going to do first....

Purl Bee Wedding Quilt

Bayou Quilt by Red Pepper Quilts

Color Wheel Quilt(Also from PurlBee, and that awesome Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts book that sparked this whole sewing nonsense for me)

Plus Quilt (this one done by Ashley over on Film in The Fridge

Malka's Wedding Quilt (No, I'm not getting married...yet.)

So, here's my problem. I'm absolutely in LOVE with all these quilts made up of (mostly) solid fabrics. So why, why am I only able to purchase prints when I have the cash? I need to get over that whole "bang for your buck" idea.

PS, did you see the article on Yahoo about grocery shelf life? Apparently mayonnaise can be stored indefinitely.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Inspiration : Laundry Rooms!

Why does Apartment Therapy seem to always coordinate their morning posts with what I was dreaming about the night before?

My tax refund is coming back, and while the majority of it is going to catch us up on bills, we're also looking to finally move away from renting our washer and dryer, and purchase our own! (I know, we're putting our big kid pants on now.)

Anyway, Apartment Therapy today posted a bunch of inspirational laundry rooms. The biggest issue down in our laundry room is that we're not able to drywall. We'd love to, but honestly it might be too much work to put into a rental.

This one is actually a great example of how an unfinished room can still look clean and fresh.

The framed walls eat up a TON of the natural light that we get from a big (altho dirty window), so even if we can't drywall, some sort of covering is ideal. Maybe stapled fabric? Ooh, or pegboard!

Here's some other inspirational photos...These make me want to do laundry everyday, rather than let it pile it up like I currently do!

Now we just need to pick out our washer set

Monday, January 17, 2011

Like I need more inspiration...

Okay world, I get it. I need to make a beautiful blue/grey/green quilt for our bedroom. Quit putting amazing inspiration right under my nose! I'm working on it!

The most recent nudge came from Design*Sponge, and Christina Weber's Sneak Peek.

Don't you just LOVE that painting! I even like how the apartments are on a diagonal, but wouldn't that be a pain in the butt to recreate in fabric form?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why don't I bring a camera with me everywhere?? This must be added to my NewYear resolution list... "iPhone does NOT count as legit camera."

Boo. Anyway, I stepped into Vallejo's YesterYear Antiques today, checking out this baby.
While I LOVE the highboy and dresser, he's not interested in separating the set (yet). I would paint the pieces slate grey, and spray paint the brassy bits a matte chrome.

However, while I was there I found this AMAZING counter type thing. Looks like it's from an old bar, as it's taller than typical counter height, but it had incredible patina-ed cabinet doors, and longer than my couch...for $425!! I would totally use it as a breakfast bar or something...but that's in my other life, with a big opened breezy house where I can do funky things like that.

Again, pictures would be amazing.... I'm heading in there again soon to see if he wants to buy any of the antiques I've accumulated recently, maybe I could trade for my amazing bar. Pictures then, definitely.

PS, I've recently reposted that facebook status thing, where you pledge to make 5 people handmade gifts by the end of the year. This weekend, I'll be working on something for a coworker, and entering PrudentBaby's Best.Contest.Yet. How's that for multitasking?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Productive Weekend!

This weekend had the potential to be rather lame. The last week was busy busy, with delayed Christmas gatherings and a day-trip to DisneyLand. Then, when Trevor called and said he was spending the night away from the house, Delaney and I could have just hunkered down and watched movies all weekend (hmm, actually, not a bad idea!)

Instead, I whipped up a couple pretty pillows. :)

I'd been itching to sew, after taking advantage of a killer fat quarter sale at Quiltmaker in downtown Napa. I bought TEN fat quarters, and a 2yd piece of Robert Kaufman on clearance. Did I take a picture? Nope, because early Tuesday morning (EARLY. Like, leave the house at 3:30 early) we set off for a day at DisneyLand. Gotta love Daddy's flight benies ;)

ZigZag Pillow Top

As I mentioned, since then it's been a whirlwind week, and we just needed some downtime. I recently read Malka Dubrwasky's Fresh Quilting and it gave me the inspiration and liberation to bust into the pretty fabric I've begun to hoard. I've been so afraid of quilting since the QFH, and her book (especially the close up shots of stitching) gave me the encouragement to just freaking do it! The pillows (I made two, even tho I only showed one) was based off of her zigzag pillow. I added the Kona medium grey around the border (the 4 blocks were too small) and then did an envelope back (my first!) to be able to fit it over existing faded Walmart pillows.

ZigZag pillow top

I love love LOVE them on my newly recovered couch (ugh, I know, need to post about it), they really brighten up my cave like living room. I have more to say about this, but always, another day :)

What did you do this weekend?

PS, the bigger photos are actually taken with a real digital camera (versus my iPhone). I want to take better pictures this year!!

Blogger's Pillow Party

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Resolutions!

I, like pretty much everyone else in the world, have a number of things I'd like to change for the upcoming year. Nothing big and drastic, but changes none-the-less. And nothing's better for motivation than telling the big, wide blogosphere every single one!

- paint the bedroom. With Trevor now working out of SFO, we won't be moving into Napa anytime soon. Our two-year lease is up in Feb, and our room is still a dark, sage green cave.

-continue going to the gym 4x week. It feels too good to not keep doing it!

- clean out my car. There's stuff in the trunk from a YEAR (or more) ago! Once it's clean, I have more room for picking up Craigslist or Freecycle finds ;)

- Speaking of Craigslist finds, I need to find a dresser for Trevor. His is old and antique, and BEAUTIFUL! But the drawers suck, and he's yanked off two knobs already. It's better suited to holding infrequently used linens or candles or other such items.

- Disconnect a bit from the iPhone. It's bad when your 1yr old knows how to push the menu button, and swipe the lock across to open the phone. I resolve to keep it in my pocket a bit longer, and help Delaney learn about the world around her!

- Eat fruits and veggies at EVERY meal. I make Delaney do it, no reason for me not to!

- Finish a queen-sized quilt for our bed. I just bought some Kona medium-grey, and I'm a bit obsessed with neutrals. I also need to find a wide-arm quilter machine thing, I'm sure there's somewhere I can rent some time on.

- Clean up the back yard so Delaney can actually play back there! I've addressed the backyard here and here, and while it's better, it's still not the lush green space I've wished for.

- Clean out the garage. We've become keepers of the furniture graveyard, while waiting for my sisters to get their own places. Trevor needs a place to finish his arcade machine, and I need room to spray paint!

Overall, 2011, is the year to focus on the aesthetics. Health, beauty, and comfort. We have the money thing pretty well figured out, and now we have the luxury of refocusing on home and our family, and the things that truly matter in life.

What about you? What are your resolutions for the new year?