Saturday, January 22, 2011

FreeCycle strikes again!

So, Trevor and I have an agreement: I can't bring anything FreeCycle into the house without first asking him.

Today, I broke that covenant.

Isn't it just RIPE for a redo? I've been wanting a chandy for the bathroom (or maybe even the kitchen!), and the nicest guy posted this on FreeCycle yesterday. He was SO nice, one of those art-sculptures-on-the-front-lawn-of-his-bright-yellow-house type guys. I should have stuck around and asked what else he was giving away, but I had a sick babeleen on my hands.

So, the big question now is what color to paint it, since that brass tone is obviously not going to work out. White and blank are kinda blah. If it's free, I don't mind painting it a couple times to get the right look!

Vickie Howell used fabric paint.

Found The Bon on Flickr

Yellow Painted Chandelier

Built in desk w/ chandelier

DIY Tute from CraftZine

What do you think? What color should I go with? Everything in our house is shades of grey or blue (save the baby's purple and pink room).

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