Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why don't I bring a camera with me everywhere?? This must be added to my NewYear resolution list... "iPhone does NOT count as legit camera."

Boo. Anyway, I stepped into Vallejo's YesterYear Antiques today, checking out this baby.
While I LOVE the highboy and dresser, he's not interested in separating the set (yet). I would paint the pieces slate grey, and spray paint the brassy bits a matte chrome.

However, while I was there I found this AMAZING counter type thing. Looks like it's from an old bar, as it's taller than typical counter height, but it had incredible patina-ed cabinet doors, and longer than my couch...for $425!! I would totally use it as a breakfast bar or something...but that's in my other life, with a big opened breezy house where I can do funky things like that.

Again, pictures would be amazing.... I'm heading in there again soon to see if he wants to buy any of the antiques I've accumulated recently, maybe I could trade for my amazing bar. Pictures then, definitely.

PS, I've recently reposted that facebook status thing, where you pledge to make 5 people handmade gifts by the end of the year. This weekend, I'll be working on something for a coworker, and entering PrudentBaby's Best.Contest.Yet. How's that for multitasking?

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