Friday, January 21, 2011

Inspiration : Laundry Rooms!

Why does Apartment Therapy seem to always coordinate their morning posts with what I was dreaming about the night before?

My tax refund is coming back, and while the majority of it is going to catch us up on bills, we're also looking to finally move away from renting our washer and dryer, and purchase our own! (I know, we're putting our big kid pants on now.)

Anyway, Apartment Therapy today posted a bunch of inspirational laundry rooms. The biggest issue down in our laundry room is that we're not able to drywall. We'd love to, but honestly it might be too much work to put into a rental.

This one is actually a great example of how an unfinished room can still look clean and fresh.

The framed walls eat up a TON of the natural light that we get from a big (altho dirty window), so even if we can't drywall, some sort of covering is ideal. Maybe stapled fabric? Ooh, or pegboard!

Here's some other inspirational photos...These make me want to do laundry everyday, rather than let it pile it up like I currently do!

Now we just need to pick out our washer set

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