Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's a pretty good day!

Apparently, repping Nor*Cal with my classic black hoodie is paying off....The sun is out, the baby is napping, and I just found out there are not one, but TWO quilters on my short 20-home street. And one of them has a long arm that she rents out!

Now, I just need to decide which quilt I'm going to do first....

Purl Bee Wedding Quilt

Bayou Quilt by Red Pepper Quilts

Color Wheel Quilt(Also from PurlBee, and that awesome Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts book that sparked this whole sewing nonsense for me)

Plus Quilt (this one done by Ashley over on Film in The Fridge

Malka's Wedding Quilt (No, I'm not getting married...yet.)

So, here's my problem. I'm absolutely in LOVE with all these quilts made up of (mostly) solid fabrics. So why, why am I only able to purchase prints when I have the cash? I need to get over that whole "bang for your buck" idea.

PS, did you see the article on Yahoo about grocery shelf life? Apparently mayonnaise can be stored indefinitely.

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