Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chelsea fall down, go boom.


Yesterday I learned a really great lesson. Apparently water + painted concrete doesn't make for the most stable surface. Ugh...I had left something in the car, and the sprinklers had just turned off, so I was prepared to run out to the car. WHAM, legs in the air, landed hard on my butt, banging my back on the steps. My first reaction was concern about Delaney of course, but she's just fine, been kicking like a little soccer player.

So, I hobbled to Home Depot today, and spent a whopping $12.97 on peel-and-stick treads. Considering a trip to the ER for falling COULD cost 100x that amt, I think it was a very good investment. But, I'm sure they'd give me some pretty amazing pain killers at the ER. I can't sit today, so I'll probably get more cleaning done. Don't I have all the fun?

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