Friday, September 11, 2009

Hey, hey girl.

I didn't realize these things made it around blogs, too!

Making : plans for Delaney's crib set, homemade.
Cooking : Eggplant parm. Anybody know a good recipe?
Drinking : ice cold water
Reading: Trashy gossip mags left on the plane, that my darling boyfriend brings home every week.
Wanting: A shirt dress and leggings from American Apparel.
Looking: at the sunset thru the big living room window.
Playing: dress up with old clothes.
Wasting: energy worrying about work drama.
Sewing: the quilt-from-hell for Trevor and I
Wishing: I could take off work now, and just focus on my little family.
Enjoying: my unscheduled weekend.
Waiting: for Trevor James to come home from work.
Liking: how clean the house is this week!
Wondering: when we'll ever paint LaneyBaby's room.
Loving: the strength of my relationship with Trevor in the face of chaos.
Hoping: that I can get better hours this week.
Marvelling: at the miracle of baby making. How is there something 13in long in there?
Needing: to get out and move this weekend.
Smelling: the spray starch I use for ironing.
Wearing: short dress I wore to work. Too hot to put on anything else!
Following: that new show Hoarders. Makes me feel like a perfect house wife.
Noticing: that my favorite colors are "in" again. Teals, purples, blues and greens. Yummmm.
Knowing: we will eventually come out of this financial hole we're in, and we'll laugh about how broke we were.
Thinking: of how many times I've said the above statement, and seen it come true.
Bookmarking: more tutorials to get around to.
Opening: my sewing basket for the first time in weeks.
Giggling: over Chelsea Lately's round table.
Feeling: like I might have heartburn later tonight. Oh pregnancy. You made me eat the jambalaya and melon jello.

I swear there'll be a ton of posts this weekend, as Trevor found our charger for the digi camera. I've been without it for about 6mo, and believe me, as a child of the MySpace generation, it was a huge challenge for me. Also, it's supposed to rain, which is of course, when I'm the most productive.

Coming up:
Delaney's fabulous new organized closet
Dining room chair recovery
Finished quilt top
Bread box revamp
Baby shower invites
Trevor's bedside table
Eggplant Parmesan
Office/dining room re-do

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  1. Thanks for joining in! Fun answers! Look forward to your upcoming posts.


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