Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall Cleaning?

I've decided I need to ditch my broom, and get a Swiffer. Or, at least, shave the animals.

Having hardwood is SO nice, because I hate vacumming. but, even more so now that I see ALL the dirt and dust and hair that ends up all over the place. I know there's no way I was getting all that up with my trusty Kirby. So, for my birthday, I've asked for a normal Swiffer (the WetJet is pathetic), and a steam mop. I'm surprised Trevor and I haven't developed allergies with all the dust bunnies, but I can't expect the same of Delaney!

Speaking of the baby daddy, he's been gone in Rochester since Wednesday, and won't be back until Monday. I'm missing him so much. Normally, I'd just lay in bed, on the lap top, watching pathetic shows... but I have things to do! So far, I've completely dusted and swept our bedroom, decluttering and making the bed as I go. It took me 30min, unfortunately this is the easiest room in the house. Oops. Next is purging Delaney's room of anything not baby-related, and sweeping/dusting in there as well. Then cleaning the bathroom which is my 100% last favorite thing to do. We have beautiful white octagon tile in there, but it's only like 2in wide, so there's LOTS of grout, and I really don't have the patience. See, this is where a steam mop will help me :)

Later this week I'll have DIY posts of dining chair recovery, and Delaney's closet shelving. Stay tuned!


  1. I don't know I love my wet jet!! But good luck cleaning!!

  2. My Wet Jet just didn't do it for me... the pads didn't last, the batteries died fast, the spray was a stream, I didn't get the sense of stability to scrub with it......just not into it.


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