Sunday, August 30, 2009

DIY: Home Love

Thanks to my jet-setting boyfriend, I'm going to have a bunch of alone time this next week. We've both been so busy the past few weeks, we haven't spent much time together around the house, and our many projects are suffering for it.

First things first: I HAVE to get some grooming done on the yards. Unfortunately, we don't have many yard tools, so I'll have to convince my step-dad to let me borrow some tools. You know, the big boy stuff: weed whacker, power trimmer, etc etc. I need to hack away at my rosebushes, trim the front grass, weed the backyard, COMPLETELY cut back my tomatoes and zucchini (they're a bit neglected), and trim my lavender bushes to do some of these things I found on ApartmentTherapy.

Secondly, thanks to eager friends, and my amazing shopping skills, Delaney's closet is starting to look more like a baby's closet. Unfortunately, there's still crap in there from when the guest room was a storage room/office. Most of it is electronics, and that's Trevor's scene, so I've avoided dealing with it. Add it to the fact that there's absolutely NO lighting in there, and it's a very easy space to ignore. Luckily, I picked up some shelves from FreeCycle that look very similar to these:

The plan is to recover the shelves like here, here, and here. Also, I need to get some serious lighting in's a deep, huge closet, and most kids (and their mommies!) are afraid of that. The fuse box is in that closet, so there has to be a way to wire something, right? Too bad that's SO not my (or Trevor's) forte.

Isn't that dreamy? I'm trying to decide if I want to keep the door on her closet or not, it's a standard interior door size... but if I did, I could do something cool like this paint technique.

I'm getting ahead of myself, the whole point of this was listing projects I'll actually complete in the next week!

Thirdly, and this was something I wanted to complete tonight... I need to recover our dining room chairs. It's a newer Targt bar table, in dark wood, with microfiber seat cushions. However, AllieDog was bored in our first CA apartment, and chewed it up. Now, with my fancy reupholstering skills (and the fact we just got the set back from some friends who were borrowing it), I'm ready to fix them up. They currently have a light mocha color on them, and I'm just going to use the grey microfiber fabric I'm using for the texture-from-hell quilt. I have PLENTY left over.

I think that's sufficient, those are the main projects that I've been putting off. Add to the list the everyday things: cutting the squares for the above mentioned quilt, finishing the above mentioned quilt, printing the baby shower invites, etc etc. The list never ends, does it? :)

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