Monday, August 17, 2009

DIY: Long Sleeve Refashion

So, I woke up this morning a little chilly, but still wanted to wear my pretty dress. (Mostly, because I haven't bought maternity pants yet. Oops.) After going thru my sweater/jacket options, I realized I don't have A. Anything that fits, or B. Anything appropriate for the weather. Everything's too heavy, or wouldn't jive with my dress.

So, lucky me, I remembered I saw a refashion post somewhere along my blog travels. I couldn't find the original post this morning,and with 15min before I had to leave for work, I just kinda winged (wung?) it. (I have now since found the post. Duh. From Amy Karol's Angry Chicken)

I used this shirt (Old Navy favorite tee, long sleeve)

1. I first cut out the neck hem, just right along the stitches.

2. Then, cut from the center of the neck to the bottom hem.

3. Some tutorials stop here, and you can either leave it hanging loose, or if it's really big, tie the corners together, but this wasn't working for me. So, leaving a 2in tie on either side, then cut about 4in off from the bottom hem.

Voila! Perfect little cover up for the foggy NorCal mornings.

(Yeah, I like bathroom shots. Also, shout out to one of my favorite Etsy sellers, Sharlee Gems for my amazing Octopus necklace!)

Have you done something like this? Leave a link to your post/picture in the comment section.


  1. cutee! I probably will do something like this because I have a long sleeve from AE that is all stretched out in weird ways, and it's currently used only for wearing under tshirts to ball games :P

  2. Cute! I've been wanting to try this, but I'm nervous about my boobs looking funny and I can't seem to find a shirt that I want to dispose of that's long enough to tie with.

    It looks great on you!

  3. Actually, this shirt wasn't that long in the first place, it was too small for pregnant me. So, I left two long ties in the front that were the length of the original shirt, and cut the rest of it about 4" above the hem... this gave it more length to tie around. Also, helps that the shirt is stretchy :) I'm wearing it again today, it looks liek I'll need a new one soon enough.

  4. Hey there! I didn't have an email address to respond to your I will do it here instead. :) I almost always buy my fabric locally, and I found my Heather Ross at a shop called Cool Cottons. There is a link in my sidebar of my blog, but they don't have an online shop. But you could always email and see what they have. I'm sure they would be willing to ship.

    I saw your comment about having a small fabric collection - don't let a difference in fabric stop you. I bet if you look at a lot of quilts you love, that you'll find a mixture of fabrics that you might not have thought to put together. I think the best way to build a fabric collection is to buy fat quarters. I still do that, just so I can have a little bit of a LOT of fabric. :) I think it's great you are working with all of the fabrics...that makes it so interesting. Is it for the baby? Babies love that sort of thing!


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