Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kitch Love: Emily Peacock Hug Kiss

I saw this on OhDeeDoh this morning, and when I found out it was cross-stitch, it made me want it even more!!

Two pillow kits, to do the colorful hug and kiss. These would look great ANYWHERE in our house. Either on me and Trev's bed, as bolsters on the couch, or in Delaney's room. The somewhat muted colors (while varied) aren't too "rainbow", but definitely break up the monotony of the solid, neutral colors they'd be sitting on.

I'm planning on being done working by Thanksgiving, and I see much crafting in my future. I also have a birthday in a month and a half. Who wants to buy the set for me?

Also, I went a little crazy last night, and realized with a paint color change, and new window treatments, my living room is basically finished. I drew mockups of everything, and colored with pencils for like 3 hours, lol. I'll scan them in eventually. This week is a little ridiculous, and I don't have my big car to get ugly free things with, so any posts will probably be web-browsing based.

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