Friday, August 21, 2009

HELP! Quilting Predicament

So, I'm about 1/4 done piecing my first quilt, and honestly, it's not THAT well done. Oops. Apparently, I really like cutting fabric and putting it together, but I'm not the best at, you know, exact measurements.

So, currently, this is what it looks like.

Yes, this is my first quilt (Since I was 10), and yes, it's the one with 4 different fabrics, the faux suede upholstery fabric, the purple satin type, the Joel Dewberry cotton, and a stretchy thin jersey. I'm ambitious, and I like texture. Sue me. (The picture is from when I pinned it up against the Delaney's color samples 3-4 weeks ago. We chose purple. It's still hanging there.)

So, the other night, I made a 7" square out of cardboard, and cut out all the remaining squares I needed, of everything but the stretchy jersey (the white background with flowers). I stopped there, thinking I should put interfacing on the back of it, but then do I iron on the interfacing first, and then cut the squares? Or, cut, then interface. I also have spray starch, that would probably help.

The next thing is, if I'm going thru all this trouble to be super exact (as I should be, I know, quilting is an exact science normally, please, hardcore quilters, don't hunt me down), should I tear apart the current quilt, and start again? I know I'll have to buy more of the blue Joel Dewberry.... But then again, at the current size, I could just fold it on itself, and perfect little baby quilt. But then what about all those 7" squares I've cut out already in the other fabric? I could just save them, and use them elsewhere, but I should be smart enough not to use faux suede microfiber upholstery fabric in a quilt again, right?

Woe is me. I hate being unfinished on this thing, and so distract myself with other projects, like the sweater baby blanket (which is now pieced together, I need to put thin batting in, cut the backing in the crazy neon pink stripey FreeCycle fabric, and bind, a whole 'nother obstacle for inexperienced me). I threw out the baby quilt idea to Trevor, and he was somewhat butthurt I wasn't going to finish it big person size. He likes to cuddle :)

I'm tempted just to cut the jersey flowery one as is, piece it together, use the current haphazard piece, and tie it, instead of actual quilting. It'll still be just as cosy, Delaney will love the texture once she's around, and it can become our picnic/4th of July blanket, and we can laugh at it every time it's shown in public.

Thoughts? How can I salvage this? CAN I salvage this?


  1. I think you should just keep going! Don't ever let another quilter tell you it's an exact science, it's only needs to be as exact as you want it. Do whatever you need to do to get you (and keep you) quilting. When I first got to quilting I wasn't very exact and it didn't matter. The quilts were still well loved. The lovely thing about it is a lot of mistakes go away in the wash. Once a quilt is washed, you don't see a lot of the mistakes. As time goes on you will find that your quilting changes (improves?) and you will be more sure of yourself. I think you should keep going with the quilt and finish it as you intended.

    As for the interfacing, cut out the shape you need then iron it to the fabric. Make sure you use the right heat setting on your iron if it isn't the quilting cotton and maybe put something (like a towel) between the other fabrics and the iron.

  2. You're so right. Currently, I have a lot to think about, and stressing over a quilt (or any other project) should never be on that list.

  3. Don't give up! I made some big fumbles on my first quilt, but I persevered and now love it. christina's right, it's about whether you love how it is and the process you use, not what other's say is the right way. Go with your gut, girl. Let me know what you decide to do.


Somedays I feel I'm talking to myself! Input is appreciated :)