Saturday, February 5, 2011

DIY: Business Card Holder

I don't talk about work much, for a number of reasons. Mainly, I'm trying to keep up the illusion that I'm much more professional than my 23-year-old brain feels it should be. Also, there's none of the extra mind-game crap I dealt with at my previous job, so usually I just go along my merry way.

I work for a print-shop in Napa. The company has been around for a gadzillion years, and has been staffed by family (or might-as-well-be-family) for the entire time. We do everything from business cards to banners, and I have the lucky position of seeing a job from its inception to the final product. I do sales, I do customer service, I do project management, I tap around the building in my pointy gold shoes and jeans, kindly asking "could I have this done yesterday, please?". I love it. Love love love it.

I've been carrying my super fancy business cards around the standard 250-count box since I started last April, and I don't think it's doing any justice to the foiled-embossed-glued back greatness I hand out to future clients. So, after seeing Schlosser Design's tutorial, I whipped up a cute little carry-case.

I used a 1/8" seam allowance (rather than the suggested 1/4") to accommodate for my quadruple thick cards, and yes, I did mick fabric to match the blue of our logo. (finally cut into Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow 1/2 yd I've been hoarding for almost a year thankyouverymuch.)

A link to our website is over there to the right, under "Shop Local". Maybe you've got a great photo you want printed on canvas? Or fancy shmancy business cards of your own? You know who to call.


  1. This is great! May I please commission a case for my business cards? Maybe a matching wallet? I don't want a gym bag anymore :)

  2. Of COURSE Jessika! I don't have time for a gym bag anyway (too buys going to the gym myself! Har har.)

    Anyway, yes. Yes! Of course. Yes! Color preference?

  3. How many cards can you fit in each side? I want to do one which will fit a total of 50 cards.. so that would be 50 in each side. They are quite thick (printed by moo). Do you think they would fit in one of these? Thanks. It looks lovely by the way.

  4. Business Card Holders are appropriate to have on your desk..and Offering a business card is a common practice among business owners and professionals..

  5. this is beautiful and look fit to use for plastic business cards..thanks you share it.


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