Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blogger's Pillow Party!

Remember my Fresh-Quilting inspired pillow? Yeah you do, it's the most sewing I've done this past month. No? C'mon...

Yeah, you remember. Anyway, Stitched in Color is hosting a Blogger's Pillow Party for the first 6 months of the year, and this baby is getting entered! Keep your fingers crossed...I've entered so many give-a-ways recently, I'm dying to get my pin-pricked fingers on some loot.

Blogger's Pillow Party


  1. Fingers are crossed! It's such a beautiful pillow! You've got to win! :D

  2. How lovely, gorgeous colours! You're in with a good chance, only patchwork/quilted pillow were chosen as last month's finalists... there goes my idea of a crocheted pillow entry!

  3. Hi Wendy, welcome! Well, if they chose all patchwork last time, I may be screwed this goaround if they're on sewn overload. Good luck! I'd be happy to win the participation prize!

  4. Just found your blog via the Pillow Party. Your pillow and quilt are gorgeous!

  5. You're so funny!! I hope you win something too, your quilted pillow is awesome!


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