Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fabric Madness!

Yesterday, while finishing up laundry and website updates with my mom, my youngest sister asked the thing every budding crafter wants to hear: "So, what are you making me for my birthday?"

Love that kid. The three of us quickly decided on a quilt, and my mom offered (well, agreed to) pay for the fabric if I sewed it. Really? Someone wants to enable finance my sewing habit? Heck yes! We decided the quilt would be a joint birthday present from me and Mom, and then Dru will take it off to college with her. Seriously, I was a little verklempt.

Later (after Delaney and Trevor were in bed), I called my mom to show her the bundles I had picked out for Dru on FabricWorm. Somehow, it turned into a marathon conference call; me on one end, and Mom, Dru, and my step-dad, Randy (requesting a 50's bowling "Pins and Fins" quilt). Lets just say we got a little out of hand.

Now, instead of one birthday quilt, I have a birthday quilt for youngest sister Dru, 20yr Camping Trip Anniversary quilt, a birthday quilt for my mom, and a birthday quilt for 2nd oldest sister Blair. Gotta love FabricWorm for their bundles! Now I just have to get busy....


  1. Are you sure you aren't my friend Carolyn's daughter?? Maybe our babies got mixed up at the hospital....oh wait, you were born at home that's right. Yep your mine, but channeling a distant quilting relative from Minnesota (or even Norway?), no doubt. Love it! Can't wait to see the fat quarters... ;-D

  2. Um, yeah, I see several fabrics from my own stash in the above photos! What types of quilts are you planning with them? Or did you 'splain that all already and I need to look back farther in the blog?

  3. Great question! Dru's will be PurlBee's Wedding quilt, the camping one will likely be that plus-sign pattern that's been circling the blog world. For my mom's I'm thinking a lattice-type pattern, and no idea about Blair's yet.


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