Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby Girl? Modern Kitch.

Well, it's offical. Friday, the 17th (coincidentally, Trev and my 3yr, 11mo anniversary), we'll know if we're having a boy or a girl Baby Terrill. So, with a weekend alone, and a garage sale at my mom's tomorrow (hello free stuff), this seems an appropriate time to follow up on my promise of a Girl's Only zone for little (possibly) Delaney Melissa.

Mushroom Bird Wall art

DIY Twinkle Board

DIY Embroidered Headboard

Orange Poppy Pillow

Thru The Trees Chandelier

I LOVE the idea of a chandelier in a little girls room, especially this one, which isn't too froo-froo, AND it's on sale or $30. Sick.

Heather Ross Mendocino bundle in Fushia

Vintage Avon Grecian Milk Glass

Mother's Little Helper stool

Modern Poppy baby quilt

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