Thursday, July 30, 2009

Items of Lust: Phoebe's Room

I just saw this on OhDeeDoh, and I was swept away.

Phoebe Rose's Mom-Made room

First of all, the room looks SO peaceful and comfortable, somewhere I can imagine quietly nursing. AND she used Heather Ross Mendocino Fabric to make the primary baby quilt. HELLO main inspiration for Miss Delaney's room. I mean, the mommy made everything in here, from bumpers, to re-upholstered glider. Woman after my own heart apparently.

So, these anti-theme room, is my theme for Miss D's room. Like, I might even print out pictures and hang them in there so I don't get swept away in all the cutesy baby crap.

PS, I realize this has turned into a "Delaney's room" blog recently rather than Adorning all of the Alabama house. It'll get back there, I swear. Soon to come is a dining room/office update, laundry/craft area idea wall, and master bedroom as well. Since we found out Ms. D was a she, I've had baby on the brain.

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