Saturday, July 4, 2009

Baby Boy? Friendly Monsters

So, I think I've changed my mind for the baby's room, if it's a boy. We were originally thinking natutical, boats and oceans type thing, but after a search on Esty, I'm thinking Friendly Monsters.

I was never worried about monsters in the closet, or under the bed when I was a kid (no, it was more a Frankenstein fear, when my sister would sleep walk.) I think this had to do with Where the Wild Things are. Monsters became friends, cool guys to hang out with, rather than frightening creatures.

I've been throwing this idea around since my mom bought little Zilo. And, of course, this all depends on if it IS a boy, I'll do the girly stuff the right way if we have a little princess. But, better be prepared!

Some inspiration:

Onesie with Monster Applique

Clarence in a Pink Parfeit Outfit

Green Monster Fun hooded towel

Max t-shirt

Now, of course, I've found awesome things I want, regardless of the baby's sex (and Trev thinks we're having a girl... family history on my side would say he's probably right, but a girl can dream, right?).

You Are All I Need letterpress

Alphabet Print in Grey

Letterpress Alphabet Poster

I swear to god, I have a list of girly things too. That's another post.


  1. I *LOVE* the little monsters idea. Cutest thing ever :)

  2. Well thanks! I think it's different, and not too cutesy/matchy matchy. None of that Hanna Montana crap. That chick will be older than dirt by the time our baby is into music.


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