Monday, March 30, 2009

Bombs away!

Just sitting here watching the Sharks game with Boyfriend, and I saw this as a banner ad on Better Living Through Design when following up about their "paper" "paper" . It's pretty effing cool, enough to distract HeMan for a minute here.

Peaceful Bomb Vase

Only $52! This warranted an "Only?!" from Lover, but I mean, it's coming from Japan! And it's huge! Ugh. I want one to go on top of our entertainment unit. Right now.

Other cool shit I found on the Japan site:

Love Grenade
Pretty awesome, except I don't know that I'd ever throw it as IS $32.

C'mere Coat Hook

Okay, I know, I'm kinda obsessed with the white statement figurines. But Boyfriend picked this one out! And it's on sale! Gotta have it. Or, figure out how to get it cheaper. Yes. Cheaper is better.

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