Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fight with black spray paint.

So, Boyfriend has been gone for the past couple days, and I've been watching HGTV. Whatever, it's what I do. WHILE watching HGTV, however, I've been putting together our photo cluster wall for the living room. I chose a bunch of funky frames (ugly, brass gilded things) from Free Cycle and Goodwill, and have painted them all flat black. It's been a battle, with the wind and having to spray paint in the, spray paint won.

Besides my photo project (which is a later update once I have everything on the wall...) I've been OBSESSED with mid-century credenzas.

I've been trying to figure out where this obsession comes from, and I'm pretty sure it's from all my Grandma's stuff, and all my uncle's stuff....defintiely more of my uncle's stuff, prob, since he inherited all of my grandpa's things when he passed on. I'm sure this is all in his storage, or somewhere at Gram's house...I have to find one. Where I'm going to put it...well, I'm undecided on that. I keep thinking in the living room as my landing strip, but thats where I wanted to put my bookcases. :-/ I just don't know!

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