Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mo' projects, mo' problems!

I guess the more I create, the less I blog! Sorry about that…I'm in the midst of a million things right now. Tell people you're making your Creative company legit, and requests come from all over the place!

First and foremost, I've come up with my logo! Drum roll please……

Oh yeah, totally legit. As my awesome-designer-friend-slash-best-client Jeni and I agreed, the sketched "SC" evokes the handmade quality of the craftier side of my business, while the black+grey, text only logo keeps everything serious enough for the design and marketing consulting aspect of the business (while yet still to come).

Being a print rep in my real life, I designed the business card first, then decided on my logo….keep things 2-color or less, people! Mo' colors, mo' money!! Use fewer colors, and you'll be able to get more expensive paper…if you're doing a short business card run, the super fancy, expensive paper is SUPER affordable, since you only need a few sheets. Aaaand that was my Printer Tip of The Day.

Next most awesome thing, is that I finished the prototype tote bag to sell at Pilates Napa Valley, my mom's Pilates studio. I was able to whip it up in one Saturday, while Delaney learned how to climb on top of the coffee table. Hey, I have my priorities in check, people. I showed her how to get down on her own ;)

Prototype Tote in the window of Pilates Napa Valley!

Anyway, back to the bag. It's awesome. And I'm selling this smaller size for $45. After I emailed Jeni an iPhone picture at midnight after I finished it, she ordered TWO tote bags (laptop tote, and general toting) in the same fabric as her yoga bag. This is not a week after I finished her Bed Suite (duvet, shams, accent pillows). We're kinda obsessed with finding what else I can come up with for her.

THEN! After seeing my bag at Pilates Napa Valley, one of the pilatistas ordered a custom tote! I also did some other throw pillows for a coworker last weekend, and another friend has ordered a business card holder. Time to set up my Etsy store, and a biz checking account, don't you think? My biggest issue now is finding the time to get everything done….

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  1. Yeay for Strong Creative!!! You'd better teach Delaney to sew soon, or at least cut patterns. You're going to need an assistant. Now hurry up and get my bags done, would you! :) xoxoxo! Jeni


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