Friday, April 2, 2010

Getting Organized

I know everyone's on a Spring Cleaning kick right now, to clear the house of clutter. For me though, I need to clear my head of clutter.

I've started already, by finally taking the plunge and deciding NOT to return to my previous employer. There was a lot of things learned, and lot of experience gained, but also a lot of time and energy wasted. But, whatevs, I've moved on.

Next, I need to seriously cut TV out of my life. Our living room is really the room we LIVE in, and the television is always on. I find myself hoping the baby sleeps so I can watch a show. How lame is that? We have OnDemand, fercry. We go upstairs to sleep and clean, and go into the kitchen for sustenance, but mostly we sit in front of the TV when we have some down time. It's just learned habits, but those can be broken. I'm starting that change with creating a real dining room, where we can actually sit and enjoy meals together as a family. Delaney is almost ready to get in a high-chair and have applesauce smeared all over her face! I don't want to miss that for a crappy season of American Idol.

I have way too many things to do to keep watching TV like I do. Like, working out, or cleaning, or working, or enriching the baby's mind, or crafting, or gardening, etc etc. In fact, I just turned it off. You'll be there in the morning, Real Housewives.

The BIGGEST reason for this revelation is that I start work on Tuesday. It's just part time, but I'm already feeling like I've fallen behind on house work. Add 4hrs taken away from my day, and nothing would get done if I didn't nip this in the bud.

I have a million excuses for why I'm so lazy. Baby nurses for 20min every two hours. Trevor is gone all afternoon and all night. I worked my ass of the past few years, who says I can't spend a couple months lazy? TV is background noise. Blah blah blah.

So, I have some scheduling to keep me in check:

- Pilates in the morning before work. I'll have to get up earlier, but it's important I take care of myself. (So far, I've lost 15lbs this month! But that's another story for my other blog)
- Do laundry Monday night, so Trevor has his Tuesday-Wednesday "weekend" to put away his share. (HUGE pet peeve of mine)
- Dishes done, kitchen cleaned, house swept before bed. Always.
- Clean the bathroom once a week. . Gross I know, don't judge, but I haven't been doing this. Lets say Thursday for this, after said "weekend".
- Get in the yard twice a week. Pull clovers in the front yard, attack various parts of the backyard. This will be easier as it gets warmer, and the baby gets older.

How do you other mommies keep it all together?

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