Sunday, March 14, 2010

DIY: Ironing Board Cover

My ironing board was in desperate need for a facelift. It's nothing fancy, just a cheapo package deal from Walmart, something like $10 for the board and pad. This in itself was not too ugly (I mean, it's only an ironing board), but one day I found out just how sharp my rotary blade was, and ruined it for life. I continued using it, with some frustration, but too cheap to buy a new cover, or use pretty fabric to recover it.

But then, when decorating onesies with my sister, we completely destroyed the thing with iron on transfers. Oops.

Hot mess, hmm?

Luckily, Sew4Home JUST had a tutorial of how to make an ironing board cover. That, paired with common sense, and a discarded body pillow case, helped me create my new (if plain) ironing board!

I'm not so great with rolled hems and curves yet, so I sorta just made pockets at the challenging parts. But, its works fine for my purposes, and sure looks a whole lot better that the previous. Lesson learned about the rotary.

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