Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To-Do: Make pretty stuff.

I guess it's good the baby doesn't sleep much during the day, or I might get in more trouble. I purchased three different fabrics yesterday, from three different Etsy sellers, with three different shipping costs. Blah. Good thing everything is cute (and fat quarters. Yay cheap.)

This, as I mentioned, is a potential bedroom color inspiration. I'm thinking pillow shams? I love the almost citrus green against that light blue!

Okay, this just SCREAMS spring to me. It's been rather gloomy here, and I'm ready for some sunshine. I bought a whole yard of this, so I have some options. Use for a springy quilt? Make some sort of bag tote? Staple to a canvas frame for instant color gratification? The possibilities are endless.

This is a linen/cotton blend. I'm thinking a new wallet? Or maybe a skirt for Delaney.

Any suggestions?

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