Sunday, March 14, 2010

Inspiration: Mustard Festival

photo via AhZut

It's that time of year in the Napa Valley, when the locals come out to celebrate the mustard flowers growing between the rows of vines, and along the highways. It's no surprise, then, that I'm currently obsessed with pops of yellow.

I already purchased Heather Bailey's Pocketbook in Tangerine, I just need to come up with the gumption to cut into it. I purchased a yard, so I think a pillow cover, and then a quilted wallet, so I can carry sunshine around in my purse at all times.

photo via Rachel Whiting

Yellow and other citrus colors against grey directly reminds me of winter turning into spring.

Our little house is yellow.

photo via Chiots Run

My lemon tree has a TON of teeny tiny lemons on it...soon enough they'll be big sweet Meyer lemons, perfect for lemonade.

photo via Tasi Fashion

I'm making an effort to be more fashionable as I lose this weight, and a yellow dress is perfect for spring/summer

Delaney looks good in yellow, yes?

photo via Poppyseed Living

While I love the shabby look, it doesn't work in my house (shappy paint+copious amounts of pet fur = MESS). However, I have my side dresser, and Trevor's side dresser to paint, and since I paid exactly $0.00 for each, why not paint them yellow? Guess I'd need bedding to coordinate.

photo via Past Enchantments

Cute cute cute! On a dark grey cardigan? Yes.


  1. I love all the yellow!!
    That house looks SO familiar!
    Do you mind me asking where you live?

  2. I *may* have posted a picture of it previously. I live in Northern Ca, in Vallejo. It's your typical California Mediterranean home, so I'm sure you've seen a dupicate down there, my neighborhood is full of them!


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