Thursday, May 27, 2010

Inspiration: Etsy Window Shopping

Lets be honest: We're in no position for me to purchase any sort of fabric or crafty items at the moment. New parents, super limited income, lots of hospital bills.

Fine. But it's free to window shop on Etsy!

Linen Newspaper

LOVEing this. It might be my previous career in high-school journalism, or my current career in printing, but I love love love this print. I might just leave it folded up neatly (like the picture) rather than actually DOING anything with it. How can you cut into that anyway?

Canvas Cute Bird

Actually, I know EXACTLY what I'd do with this fabric... make wide ribbons (we're talking maybe 6-inchers here) and use them as tiebacks for the hot pink thermal curtains in Delaney's room. They currently hang loose, and make the room super dark. Except, when the sun comes thru, they shine red like some brothel mixed with a teenage boy's dark room. Just perfect for a baby, hmm?

Blue Bird Canvas

How can a Japanese fabric look so Swedish, and well, Ikea-ish? Love loving this, would be great in a quilt or throw pillow even, as an accent stripe or something.

Custom Fingerprint Wedding Band

With our baby around, I find myself stumbling when referring to Trevor. "Baby Daddy" is a little too ghetto for my taste, "husband" or "fiance" is just lying (and feels akin to tatooing someone's name on you before being together 50+yrs), "boyfriend" is far too causal, and since I live in California, using "partner" would give a different impression all together.
Either way, we WILL get married, and it's kinda on my mind. A lot. I found these the other day and fell in love. It's an affordable, and perfectly quirky option for Trevor and I. Something so unique and personal, without being the before mentioned tattoo.

Dreams and Pearls Pillow

Speaking of romance, our bedroom is still lacking it. I want something light and airy, but glimmery and pretty. Like a Candance Olsen design. C'mon, if you watch as much HGTV as I do, you know what I'm talking about. I love the texture and the shine on this...almost enough to actually make the bed after I drag Trevor out of in before I go to work. The seller is The Home Centric and actually has 304 items of equal or more beauty!

Silver Love Necklace

Clearly the one glass of wine I've allowed myself tonight has gone to my head, and I'm all sappy. LOVE the font, love the size, love the sentiment. I miss my signature ETSY necklaces...they all need to be re-strung on stronger chains. I'm not a big jewelery person, but having a statement piece that nobody else would ever have was fun there for a while :)

That's it for my rainy, late-night post. Mr. Weatherman says sunshine is on the way, and with my first paid day-off on Monday, I've got a weekend full of yardwork. Looking to make some serious project, and a nice tan at the same time :)

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  1. oh wow. LOVE the wedding band - for sean, since i already have mine kind of picked out, lol. but yeah, way better than just a plain boring band for the boys... i want my diamond though :P the one i picked is still unique, though -


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