Friday, May 28, 2010

Inspiration: Film in the Fridge

Inspiration comes from many places, and today it comes from Ashley of Film In The Fridge. I always read her blog during my late-night "mommy time", and am constantly inspired by her mix of colors, patterns, and solids. Makes me want to quilt again, but better. (and after the yard is done, of course.)

Today, I'm not just inspired by her quilting, but by her home! She recently set up a space in the family room for her sewing, and I was able to peek into the rest of her home. I LOVE the personalization of the neutral walls and couches with the quilting... but it's done in such a fun way it hardly seems stuffy or old fashioned!

See the bright bursts of color against her beige and white couches? Nummy. Makes basic, classic furniture look so personalized and welcoming! (Also, I'm pretty sure my BFF Emmalie has that dining room table. Pottery Barn?)

We're looking into a new couch (aren't we always?), and definitely think a white slipcovered couch is the way to go for this messy family. Can't be boring with pillows like Ashley's!

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