Sunday, December 20, 2009

Photography is clearly not my strong point.

So I finally got back on our iMac today - we've had bad internet issues. Apparently I unplugged the wrong thing?

Anyway, I just looked back at my seemingly ingenious iPhone updates. Here, I thought I was soooo smart, taking pictures with the iPhone, resizing on the computer, reloading the the iPhone, uploading on Photobucket app, then placing on Blogger. But now when I look at them full size, they're TERRIBLE!

Ugh. How am I supposed to garner any sort of following with bad pictures and lazy tutorials?

Anyway. I took some pictures of the 98% finished nursery, even some artsy, OhDeeDoh worthy shots. So I should get a nice tour up here soon. The weather has been grey, and my CyberShot is no SLR, but it's definitely better than that iPhone.

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