Thursday, February 18, 2010

The end is near!

The hole is patched up, and the plaster is resurfaced. Now we just need to paint!

Paint is going to completely change this room. First, we're going with a flat paint, duh. The walls are super textured, and any sort of sheen makes it look cheap. And then, see how dark it was in previous pictures? The plain plaster on the wall makes it instantly so much brighter in here!

So, I'm going with a lighter slate grey, in a blue tone still. That way, I don't have to buy new accessories, and it will go with the cream color currently on the walls, and the wood floors and furniture. It should also be close to the same color as the couch on the opposite wall, making it all come together.

Then, I just need to get some white curtains in here, and I think I'm going to go the drop cloth + grommet route. Even at Ikea a two-panel white curtain with big grommets is $40. Champagne taste on a beer budget here.

The title of this post also refers to my hiatus... I'm getting the swing of this mommy deal, and my best best friend is expecting! (Funny story, would belong on TLC if she didn't find out sooner.) She's super crafty like me, and is good at the imagination aspect. She's a painter, and made these little guys all on her own, or without knowing about Etsy really. (she's on Etsy now, click the image for a link). I'm a workhorse, and good about big picture stuff. We have big plans of starting our own interior decorating company. So, I'm really looking forward to getting back into baby decorating (which reminds me, I've never done a finished product post about Delaney's room. I'll get to that soon.)

Hope all is well, and that I may have a few readers left. Maybe?


Somedays I feel I'm talking to myself! Input is appreciated :)